“Bitter crossing” by D. A. Keeley – Book Review

Back once more to my genre of choice.

This one is a bit different.  Instead of a police officer our protagonist is a Border Patrol Officer. And, better still it is the first book in a prospective series!"Bitter Crossing" by D.A. Keeley

Set in Aroostook County, in Northern Maine, the novel features Peyton Cote, a divorced female Border Control Agent.  She has spent the past seven years in Texas patrolling the ‘dangerous’ border and now she has come back to her hometown to patrol the Maine-New Brunswick border.  She and her young son have come home to live in what she assumes is a safer and quieter environment.  Tame – she thinks.  But Oh No!

On a ‘tip’ from a former schoolmate, Peyton is on the look-out for a drug drop.  While walking across a frozen potato field, instead of a bag of drugs she finds a baby girl in a bag!  Investigations become complicated when the foster mother they left the baby with reports her missing.  When Peyton’s investigation leads her to some college teachers and a shady Boston lawyer, things become dangerous.

The mystery in “Bitter Crossing” is not hard to figure out, though the culprits took longer to pin down.  Even the most respectable citizens are suspect.  The backstory of Peyton’s personal life and family was well characterized and the setting aptly rendered.

All in all I look forward to another outing featuring this strong female protagonist.  Thanks to D.A. Keeley for an enjoyable read.

"Let NetGalley feed your reader"

Thanks to NetGalley for providing me with this title.

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