Cover Love ~~ (Part 1; in red walking away)

There is an old English proverb that states “You can’t judge a book by its cover”.

I have to disagree.  Perhaps we can’t judge, but we can certainly use covers to choose books.  Anyone who says they don’t is fooling themselves.  That being said, if I really love an author and their new novel has a hideous cover, I will still buy it and read it.   But… for the most part, it is the cover that is for me the first ‘hook’.

I find myself attracted to certain kinds of covers.  In this, my first installment of ‘Cover Love‘, I’d like to show you that publishers are aiming to hook readers with their covers. This all started when a friend of mind said to me “Do you still have the book you recommended to me with the person dressed in red walking away” on the cover?  I was unsure of which novel she meant, so I started going through my Goodreads ‘TO READ” list.

Here are the “Person in red walking away” covers that are on my Goodreads lists. Either ones I’ve already read, or ones that are on my ‘to read’ list.

This idea is a great hook for a psychological thriller because the red catches the eye and the fact that the person is only seen from the back lends mystery.

Just click on the cover to read the book’s info from Goodreads.

look behind youthe-silent-scream</missing hoursclaraand she wasso say the fallenthe-missing-ones
girl you lost
missing one
bone dust white
girl without a name
the silent girls
secret by the lake
reconstructing amelia
cold season
bird sisters
those we left behind
watch over meif-you-knew-herno-place-to-hide
in falling snow
artlessevery contact leaves a tracemissing

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Cover Love — Part 2:  “Windows”

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8 Responses to Cover Love ~~ (Part 1; in red walking away)

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  2. Melanie says:

    Wow! I can’t believe how many covers there are featuring a person in red walking away! I’m amazed by this, love the story behind this series too!


  3. bookgeeking says:

    Great post. Some great covers there, I suppose there are only so many different covers but ye strange these are all so similar.


  4. nickimags says:

    Great post and I love these covers!


  5. I’m so pleased it’s not just me! Sometimes I think I’m suffering from deja vu when I see these kinds of overly-similar covers.


  6. Oh it definitely helps but I have to say it is only a 50% chance I will enjoy it when the author is completely new to me and not in my genre of choice but the cover got me.

    I totally have described a book by the cover before and then you realize ‘wow, how many have a woman in red walking away.’ To funny.

    I’m currently reading Sister that made you list above.


  7. Emma says:

    So true and so funny. I will often look at books and think, have I read it because the cover looks familiar then realise I haven’t.


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