Cover Love; Part 9 – Umbrellas

I find myself attracted to certain kinds of covers.  Covers are, after all, the way the publisher ‘hooks’ the reader into choosing one book over countless others.

In this, my ninth installment of ‘Cover Love‘, I’d like to show you some books from my Goodreads lists that feature umbrellas on their covers.
Some I’ve already read, some are on my ‘to read’ list, and some I’ve chosen solely because of their covers.

Cover Love 9 Umbrellas

Having an umbrella on the cover is a great ‘hook’ for a fiction book. 

The word umbrella comes from the Latin word “umbros” which means shade or shadow.  Shade and shadow generates mystique.

Also, umbrellas shelter us in bad weather.

(just like books! LOL)

Just click on the cover to read the book’s synopsis from  Goodreads.

You might just find your next favorite book!

hotel on the corner of bitter and sweetthe-truth-about-love-and-lightningdont-be-afraida-case-of-redemptionthe-girls-next-doorthe-little-women-letters

started early took my dog

he's gone

since she went awayend-of-watch

cutting for stone


hundred summersblack-widow

mist of midnight

chance harbor

girls of August


all the time in the world

mr mercedesmiss-timmins-school-for-girlssaving-graceswimming-homethe-daughter-she-used-to-be

one step too far


happily ever after

the lies you told me

hurricane sisters

resurrection of tess blessing

sheltering rainkeeping-time

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Looking up at treetops

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11 Responses to Cover Love; Part 9 – Umbrellas

  1. Marjorie Roy says:

    The Hotel at the Corner of Bitter and Sweet was one of the best books I have read this year.


  2. skyecaitlin says:

    Oh dear, and oooooh, how lovely!


  3. Jasmine says:

    Great collection of books with umbrellas! Have you read them?


  4. Megan @ bookslayerReads says:

    The Dark Days Club also has an umbrella. 🙂


    • Fictionophile says:

      Thanks Megan. I only added books that were on MY TBR. I don’t think “The Dark Days Club” is my kind of book as the words ‘demon hunter’ in the blurb put me off.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Megan @ bookslayerReads says:

        It’s cool. I just wanted to mention it because when you said umbrellas, that’s the first book that popped in my head lol. I wanna read it soon. 😀


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