“Christmas in the park” by Laura Lockington

Television morning show producer Sarah Nash has just taken the station up on their offer of voluntary redundancy.  The early morning breakfast show’s quality has deteriorated and the show has been failing as a result.  With her new freedom she intends to A) bake cakes for a living, and B) get a dog.christmas-in-the-park

She has always had a soft spot for canines and has become a regular visitor to the R.S.P.C.A. shelter near her flat.  Up until now she didn’t have the time to devote to a pet – but now is the ideal time.  She visits the shelter again and falls in love with a little long-haired dachshund. Four-year old Malteaser’s owner has died and so he is in need of a home.  Their life together is not without its challenges, but she and Malteaser seem made for each other.


ginger cake recipe is included at the end of the book

da78157fc63c9e09e235655e627bff58She puts her peppermint green Kitchen-aid mixer to work and bakes up a storm.  Luckily the park across the street from her flat serves her in two ways.  It is the ideal place to exercise Malteaser, AND, it has a café that is willingly to buy some of her delicious cakes!

With her television career Sarah didn’t have much of a social life.  Now, however, suddenly, without quite knowing how, Sarah has two dates!  One with a fellow dog-walker named Nick.  The other with the café’s co-owner, David.

When she visits the café to deliver her cakes, she learns that the council is trying to shut it down to make room for car parking.  With all of her contacts, and with the help of her friends in the television industry, she leads a “Trees not Cars” protest to keep the café open.

With a satisfying, and of course, highly predictable ending, this Christmas novella will appeal to women who want a break from the real world and the stresses of getting ready for the holidays.  “Christmas in the park” is a (very) light read that is one third chick-lit, one third romance, and one third animal story.  It is sure to be a hit with Bridget Jones fans, foodies, and lovers of mischievous little long-haired dachshunds.

I received this novella length novel from Endeavor Press via NetGalley. It is available as a Kindle single from Amazon.


laura-lockingtonLaura Lockington lives in Brighton, England. As well as writing books and plays for Radio 4, she also runs the Bookish Supper Society, where she invites two best-selling authors to read and be interviewed. She then cooks supper for around 50 people, cleverly managing to combine two of her passions – books and food!

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