Book themed art of artist Deborah DeWit

Well folks I found another wonderful artist! While browsing Pinterest I stumbled on just one of these awesome paintings and knew that I had to find more. So… after Googling the artists name, “Deborah DeWit” I found her website.  She is very prolific, so I had a very hard time choosing which ones to share with you in this post. I love them all!


“Basic necessities”


“Rainy day consolations”

“Reading the moon”

“the colors of morning”


“Reading” (art in pastels)


“Nina and Tom”

“Thoughts and dreams”

“The hall table”

“Wisdom and wildness”

“The reader”

“Time stands still in winter’s light”

Words and Pictures

If you visit her website, you will be able to view over a hundred of her paintings!

About the artist (from her website)

Deborah DeWit was born March 28th, 1956 in Portland, Oregon to naturalized Americans. Her mother, father and infant brother arrived by ship in 1950 in San Pedro, California, via South America from Holland.

One side of her father’s family were etchers, illustrators and painters stretching back several generations in The Hague and grain handlers on the other.

On her mother’s side of the family were Dutch plantation owners and British traders in the Dutch East Indies, also for several generations. Her father’s career in the grain business took her and her family to live in many parts of the U.S. as well as around the world. This varied and somewhat exotic background had a strong influence on Deborah’s professional yearnings.

Although entering Cornell University as an Agronomy major, the artistic pull of her father’s blood and the adventurous streak in her mother’s, combined to lead her away from University and set her on a journey to discover her own interests and talents. At the age of fifteen she found that the camera suited her quest and in her twenties set about discovering the world with young eyes recording her travels with image and word. Her photographs received immediate praise and she began the life of a working artist in 1976.

“Deborah DeWit at her easel”

Her wonderful work is available for purchase as prints or on notes and cards. I don’t know about you, but I would love any of the above works to grace my walls.

My 3 favorites from the above paintings are:

  1. Rainy day consolations
  2. Basic necessitiess
  3. Amanuensis

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17 Responses to Book themed art of artist Deborah DeWit

  1. carhicks says:

    If I had a library, some of these would look awesome on the walls.My favourites are Messenger and Wilderness and Wildness.

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  2. This art is so awesome. Love it

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  3. suckerforcoffe says:

    Such a lovely post ❤

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  4. Dorothy Gracie says:

    These are all truly wonderful paintings and I can see why you had a hard time selecting the ones for this blog post. I have to say that I have a soft spot for Nina and Tom…mainly because Tom resembles my Tiff who also likes to lay down with me on the couch when I’m reading a good book (and will also often partake of a wee nap we me afterwards!) or watching Corrie. I also really like Rainy Day Consolations and Bare Necessities. Thanks for adding some book-themed art to colour our world a bit and for introducing me to a very talented artist.

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  5. Peg Glover says:

    Wow, what talent! So beautiful. Thank you for sharing!

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  6. anniedaylon2013 says:

    Love this! Thank you. Happy Thanksgiving!

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  7. Love, love, love these. Thanks for finding and sharing.

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  8. Beautiful work! So poetic and nostalgic….


  9. skyecaitlin says:

    Lynne, thank you; her paintings are wonderful. This is my type of art, too, and I agree with your choice of favorites.


  10. FYI
    I received this lovely email from the artist and thought I’d share it with you.

    Dear Lynne,

    Thank you! There is nothing I like more than to connect with book people. It’s really kind of you to share my work with your readers and friends. It’s interesting to see which paintings you chose to show. Always a little insight into a person!

    I don’t have a blog, but I do have a mailing list to which I send out periodic announcements. Would you care to be on it?

    Again, thank you so much. I wish you continued happy reading!

    Yours sincerely,


  11. Cathy says:

    Wonderful 🙂 Thanks for sharing. I love ‘Time stands still in winter’s light’

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  12. So many wonderful book I can even forgive her the cat – I’m a dog person myself !


  13. Sandra says:

    Cats and books and the natural world! I love her work!

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