“The haunting of Haelstrom Cottage” by Tabatha Cross

Do you remember, as an adolescent,  hearing ghost stories around the campfire? The kind where those around the fire took turns with a flashlight beneath their chin? Well… this is such a story!

“When places are deprived of sunlight, evil things take shelter there.”

Just a few short miles from Salisbury, England lies Crickernock Forest. Within Crickernock Forest, in the shadow of Wickerbatch Hill, sits Haelstrom Cottage. An abode which never has the benefit of sunlight, no matter what time of day due to the thickness of the dense forest that surrounds it. Years ago a young salesman, his wife and baby son lived within its walls.  A sudden and bitter betrayal led the young father to gruesomely murder his wife and son.

Fast forward to the present.  Emma Gale is a nurse who has moved from London to Salisbury. Unable to garner a regular shift at the local hospital, she has signed on as a ‘carer’, willing to travel to those housebound patients who are in need of nursing care. She is desperate for work, so agrees to care for an old, crippled, mute lady named Lisa Garret who lives alone, a few miles out of town in Haelstrom Cottage. Not living in the area for long, Emma is unaware of the reputation of the cottage. – the way the locals give it a wide berth…

Two days after accepting the job with the old lady, Emma is found knocking back whiskey at a Salisbury pub. After one too many drinks, she has a meltdown, and reveals her experiences at Haelstrom Cottage to the two men who will listen…

Since Halloween is fast approaching, I felt in dire need of a spooky read and this novella delivered. However, I must warn you that this is NOT great writing, it is just a simple haunted house story written to titillate the reader. Nevertheless, if it is just a short ghost story to get you in the mood for Halloween you want, then look no further.

I purchased this short novel for free via my Kindle Unlimited account.

From Amazon.com
Tabatha Cross is a very young British author, with an interesting and ancient bloodline. The only remaining child of Academic parents, she lives alone just over the loch from Crinan Wood. She has been educated in the finest girls institutions Britain has to offer, and reaps story lines based on her years of harrowing encounters there. She prefers to be left alone, only seeking out the company of her jet-black stallion, Diablo, and her crimson-eyed pit-bull bitch, Cruella.

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5 Responses to “The haunting of Haelstrom Cottage” by Tabatha Cross

  1. I’m currently on the Kindle Unlimited free trial and it amazes me. Kudos to Amazon! 😀


  2. Martie says:

    I am looking for a good Halloween read. Thanks for posting.
    I think when I first stared my blog I asked you how you put the books on each side of your blog? You may have answered me, but I do not remember. Would you please be so kind to refresh my memory.


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