Marlys J. Millhiser – gone but never forgotten

Since I am preparing to REREAD one of my favorite titles of over thirty years ago, I thought I’d look up the author to find out if she was still writing.  Sadly, I found that she had passed away… (I added her death date to her Goodreads bio)

Marlys J. Millhiser


Marlys J. Millhiser left us on April 20, 2017. Marty dealt with Alzheimer’s for the last seven years, but before that, she worked hard at her chosen craft of mystery writer. Marty published 14 novels, “The Mirror” being the most famous. She also published several short stories and had the writers’ usual unpublished manuscripts in the drawer for when the market changed again. 

Born in Charles City, Iowa, she moved with her parents to wherever her dad could find work in those Depression and war years, finally settling in Clear Lake, Iowa where Marty graduated from high school. She entered the University of Iowa where she took a Bachelors of Arts in History in 1960. Next stop was Boulder, CO with her new husband and graduate school at the University of Colorado where she received a Masters of Arts degree in History in 1963. A teaching position in Lafayette, Colorado followed. But the writing urge and the impending birth of a son forced her to resign after three years. A baby girl joined the family in 1969, and she successfully managed a family of two children, a husband, and a household while also pursuing her stories. Survivors include husband, David. Son Jay and his wife Kathy, daughter Joy Ransom and her companion Carolyn and two grandchildren. 

Published in The Daily Camera on Apr. 23, 2017

What is the old favorite you ask?

It is “The mirror“.  I read it in my twenties and loved it.  This is the hardcover edition I read back then:I’ve remembered it all these years, so I was curious to see if my opinion of the book has withstood the test of time.  Open Road Media offered this title on NetGalley, so I thought I do what I seldom take time to do…
Watch for my review of my 2nd time reading “The Mirror” – Coming soon!

The blurb: On the eve of wedding in 1978, Shay Garrett peers into the antique mirror in her family’s longtime home, the famous Victorian Gingerbread House on Pearl Street in Boulder, Colorado, and falls unconscious only to wake in the body of her own grandmother Brandy on the eve of her wedding–in 1900. The virginal Brandy, in turn, awakes in Shay’s body to discover herself pregnant. What follows is a fascinating look at how two women–and their families–cope with this strange situation.

Have YOU read “The Mirror”?

Reading tastes change as the years pass. It should be interesting to see if I still like it after all this time.

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  2. Annie says:

    I always think that I wouldn’t like some books that I read years ago now… and that’s why I don’t read them again 😛

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