“Keep her safe” by Richard Parker – Book Review

How far would you go to protect your child?Keep her safe” is a novel told over ONE tension-packed, adrenaline-filled winter night.

It is the story of two women, both single mothers, who are desperate. Why? Someone known to  them only as “The Babysitter” has abducted their baby daughters in order to coerce them into killing.

“Babysitter had concocted a way of using their maternal instincts against them”.

Meet Maggie. She is thirty-something with a baby daughter, Penny. She hears an intruder in the house and knows instantly what is going on. Someone is here to murder her! She knows this because she too was put into that very same position. She was forced to kill in order to get Penny back…

Meet Holly. A younger mother, in her twenties. The “Babysitter” is holding her baby daughter, Abigail, hostage. In order to be reunited with her, she has been instructed to break into Maggie’s home and kill her.

When things go awry, and circumstances spiral out of control, Holly is shot and injured. Despite this, and the women’s mutual distrust, they form a sort of wary alliance. For Maggie knows how desperate and distraught Holly is. She has been there…

“Holly wouldn’t endanger a child, and both mothers knew it.”

The women speculate that the “Babysitter” must be the infamous ‘East County Slayer’. The victims were all single mothers. Perhaps he didn’t kill them at all? Perhaps he got other single mothers to do his work for him?

In contact with the “Babysitter” by cell phone, they realize he is watching them. With no one in evidence, they realize he is using a drone to track their every move.

“Maternal instincts can be so powerful”.

The women, with baby Penny, go on the road in a snowstorm, trying to ascertain Abigail’s safety and find out WHO IS the Babysitter – and why has he chosen them? The clock is ticking… they only have until sunrise…

This is a thriller that is absolutely packed with tension. The relentless apprehension and suspense actually tired me out. There is no reprieve, from first page until last. This is my first Richard Parker novel and I didn’t know what to expect going in.  I found that this novel has reinforced my belief that I enjoy a more slow-burn when it comes to thrillers.

I highly recommend this novel to those who love action-packed, seriously tense, and oftentimes violent fiction.  For me, though I devoured it quickly (how could you not?), I found it was more than a bit ‘full on‘ for my own personal taste.

It is selling now on Amazon.com for only .80¢ for a Kindle copy. A bargain for sure!

I received a digital copy of this novel from Bookouture via NetGalley – for free – at my request, and I provided this review voluntarily.Richard Jay Parker has been a professional TV writer for twenty-two years.  He started by submitting material to the BBC. After contributing to a wide variety of TV shows he became a head writer, script editor and producer.
He has now moved from London to Salisbury but in no way hates London.

Check out: www.richard-parker.com

Find him on Twitter @Bookwalter

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7 Responses to “Keep her safe” by Richard Parker – Book Review

  1. emmareadstoomuch says:

    i’m totally going to check this one out!!! thank youuuu


  2. skyecaitlin says:

    I have read too many books this past year about kidnapped or threatened children, but your review is wonderful


    • Yes Skye, missing and/or threatened children does seem a prevalent theme in modern thrillers. You can get tired of themes, even if they are well written.
      Thanks SO much for your kind praise of my review.


  3. Oh wow…almost reminds me of the Saw movies. Have a great weekend 🙂



  4. Christine says:

    Definitely what Carrie said. I’m not a fan of unrelenting tension. I finally picked up In the Woods by Tana French. Now that’s my kind of book!


  5. Carrie Rubin says:

    Definitely an intriguing concept, no doubt. A good one for when I need a shot of adrenaline. Like you, I prefer some breathing room in a thriller, especially at the beginning so I can get to know the characters. That way I’m more invested in them when the action really kicks in.

    Liked by 1 person

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