“The case of the missing bubble gum card” by R. Weir

This short story introduces the reader to Jarvis Mann, a struggling private investigator living in Denver, Colorado.  In his mid-thirties and single, Jarvis fancies himself a bit of comedian, though his sarcastic wit often only entertains himself. To save money, Jarvis works from his home, though ‘homey’ it is not.

When a sixteen year-old African American approaches him about his missing baseball card, Jarvis is at first hesitant, then he tells himself he isn’t busy, so what the hell! The young man did say the magic word ‘Please’ after all. The baseball card in question in worth over a thousand dollars and he wants to help the young man, who fears his father’s wrath over losing the card.

In Jarvis’s old Mustang they retrace where the boy went with the card, interviewing some of his friends along the way.  When they discover what happened to the card, the story comes to an end in a satisfying way.

I think the title and the cover do the story a disservice.  It should have been called “The case of the missing baseball card” in my humble opinion.  And maybe a young African American man shooting hoops on the cover?  Anyway, I wasn’t consulted. LOL!

The Case of the Missing Bubble Gum Card took away some of Jarvis Mann’s cynical and jaded attitude. I enjoyed the read, which ended on a positive note – paving the way for further investigations for Jarvis Mann.

This series prequel short story is available in Kindle format FREE on Amazon!

R. Weir lives in the Mile High city with his wife, daughter and dog, where the Rocky Mountain High isn’t always achieved with an herbal substance. When not glued to the computer for work and writing, he relaxes by enjoying the outdoors; playing tennis, travelling in their motor-home and riding a motorcycle wherever the wind takes him. His writing beckons back to the days of detectives and dames, but with modern plots and twists. His protagonist, PI Jarvis Mann is tough, resourceful and a man with as many faults as virtues.

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3 Responses to “The case of the missing bubble gum card” by R. Weir

  1. Christine says:

    I am a major baseball fan and have a lot of these old baseball cards from the fifties and sixties and even a few older ones. Will pick up a copy of this short. Thanks, Lynne!

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  2. Jessica's Reading Room says:

    I enjoyed this short story and it is a great introduction to Jarvis!

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  3. sounds interesting enough. I might have to give it a try

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