Fictionophile and Instagram… a learning curve

Well I finally joined the rest of the universe and signed up for Instagram.  I’m a very visual person and that factor, along with the persuasion of my children and other book bloggers made me finally gather up enough nerve to take the plunge.

BUT….  it is not going as easily as I would wish.  If Twitter is kindergarten, then Instagram is university.

By biggest problem is that I don’t have data on my smartphone so that is out.  I use my Samsung tablet for Instagram and that is fine, except for some reason the app keeps failing and in the week I’ve had an Instagram account I’ve had to re-install the app 3 times!

I wish I could use Instagram with my laptop computer!

I researched how to do this but it meant downloading yet another software package and it all sounds so convoluted and problematic!

I see a few people have commented on my Instagram pictures and I would love to comment back – How do I comment back?

I’ve sometimes wanted to ‘repost’ another person’s Instagram photo – once was to enter a contest giveaway.  How do I ‘regram’?

And links…  When I put a photo on Instagram can I include a link to my book review?

Are links frowned upon in Instagram?

Can you suggest improvements for my profile?

Any and all suggestions, tips, or hints would be gratefully accepted.  I’m calling upon YOUR expertise – and I thank-you in advance.

About Fictionophile

Fiction reviewer ; Goodreads librarian. Retired library cataloger - more time to read! Loves books, gardening, and red wine. I have been a reviewer member of NetGalley since October 2013. I review titles offered by Edelweiss, and participate in blog tours with TLC Book Tours.
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53 Responses to Fictionophile and Instagram… a learning curve

  1. Mona Garg says:

    I’m pretty active on Insta and post re-post a lot(I use InstaRepost app). Insta has been glitchy recently(crashing, unable to post…) and I’ve also had to un-install/re-install so it’s not just you. It’s INCREDIBLY frustrating😡 I’ll look you up there and on Twitter.


  2. anonymous !ndian says:

    I just followed you! Your Instagram page is amazing!!


  3. Sammie says:

    Ah, you sound so much like me. xD Unfortunately, this confusion is what’s kept me away from Instagram myself, so unfortunately, I can’t help you with all your questions. Best of luck in that confusing black hole that is Instagram!


  4. I like instagram okay, but I’ve pretty much had it with all the pictures of food. I am apparently in the minority, but I don’t find other people’s meals particularly interesting. Especially when it seems like they are trying to use the most obscure-sounding ingredients or food names possible to demonstrate how hip, healthy, and ketogenic/vegan/paleo/”clean”/whatever they are. I’m almost ready to dump it for that reason, but then I see some nice landscape or wildlife pictures and I realize that’s why I’m on it. And I know some people really appreciate the food stuff; it’s just not my cup of tea. So I wish it were easier to curate, and also I wish it were possible to unfollow people who annoy you by posting too many pictures of their dinner without unfriending them altogether, the way Facebook does.


  5. You are braver than me! Twitter is already way outside of my repertoire, Instagram gives me nightmares. I might join just to follow you though. I’m an excellent social media lurker 😉

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  6. Annie says:

    I think links can only be put on your profile and to coment back, you need to tap on the comment and then you’ll see the symbol to reply!!!


  7. I’ve had an account on Instagram for ages but still don’t use it as often as I maybe could. Like some have mentioned it is probably an age thing well I know it is for me. I am just now getting used to sharing pics from my phone. I don’t like being able to instantly re-tweet sorry re-gram ( you can see which platform I favour) posts. Twitter is by far my favourite media but I will keep trying with Instagram. Good luck to all learning these new technologies. I love this blog though ❤


  8. FictionFan says:

    I wish I could help but I struggle even to find other people’s stuff on IG much less post my own! Well done you for taking on the challenge. 🙂


  9. I admire your bravery but I decided that Instagram was a step too far for me – I can barely keep up with social media as it is – sounds like you’ve got some really good helpers though.


  10. For commenting if you click on the comment in you notifications it will take you to that comment and then underneath it it should say reply.

    To reframe something like everyone has already said there is another app you have to install but I’ve never done that. The only time I want to repost an image is when I’ve entered giveaways or rep searches and I usually just take a screen shot of the image and tag the person. I use my phone so I’m not sure if that would help you on your tablet or not.

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    • Thanks so much for your guidance. I think most of my problems have stemmed from the fact that after I upload with my tablet, I was trying to do everything else on my laptop – and it just won’t let you. The little heart to ‘like’ something isn’t visible along with many other of the features that I guess are available on phones. I’ll just have to readjust my thinking, and my way of doing things.

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  11. Zoe says:

    I don’t think it’s just you, Lynne! I created an Instagram account when I first created the blog and have never posted to it because I’m just not sure what to take pictures of and post! Not to mention my artistic talent is around zero!

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    • Thanks Zoe. I’m a very visual person so I thought it would be good for me and my blog. However, I think I was expecting it to be more like Twitter – my fault for having warped expectations.


  12. skyecaitlin says:

    I love your blog just the way it is; I once told you I don’t belong to any social media groups, except, perhaps Good Reads.

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  13. Ah, we have the same problem, tis a generation thing I think and our innate limitations of all things computer. I use But there is SO much to learn, u r right. I don’t think links are linkable. And I watch YouTube for profile and posting suggestions. Really, I’ve seen your posts, you are already ahead of me. 🙂

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  14. Audrey Wick says:

    Give yourself some credit, Lynne. You are doing great! 🙂 I like Instagram for the picture-centered focus, so just think about sitting down with a friend and flipping through an album. People enjoy that about Instagram. The photos don’t have to be perfect. I like the positivity of the platform.

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  15. Carrie Rubin says:

    I’m not on Instagram, so I can’t offer any insights. People seem to love it though and it looks cool. Good luck with it!

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  16. Holly B / Dressedtoread says:

    These tips will help me too! Sigh….I struggle with Instagram as well!

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  17. Good luck! It’s not easy, but you’ll get there — especially with all these tips. For links, I leave my main blog in my profile, then refer everyone to check there for book reviews.

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  18. yvonnembee says:

    Completely agree with your comment about using Instagram on pc, would make life so much easier xx

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  19. Norrie says:

    Hey 🙂 Welcome to insta!

    I never tried reposting, but you need a separate app called regram for it. There might be others too, but this is the one I keep seeing.

    Commenting: you can go on the picture itself and then click on the comment bubble to see the comments. Then you have the option to reply.

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  20. To comment back, click on the picture and underneath it you’ll see a “heart” to like a picture and then a speech balloon thingie. Click that and all the comments for that picture will show up so you can reply to other people. I hope that helps. Not sure I explained it well.

    I don’t have a clue about the regram myself. Also interesting to note, instagram has been making a lot of changes and none for the good. I’ve been considering leaving it behind.

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  21. Totally agree that Instagram would be so much better if you could do via a PC, I only ever upload to it with wifi never data. I occasionally add links to reviews and have seen others do it. I’m not sure how to share but if you want to comment tap on the speech bubble next to the heart. Hope this helps 😊

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  22. Reviewerlady says:

    I shall be watching for comments on this with interest as I, too, have yet to conquer instagram! Good luck!

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  23. BrizzleLass says:

    To comment back you have small text saying reply next to a comment just tattoo on that and you can respond.

    To regram is a little more complicated but easy once you know how. You will need a third party app. There is one called Regram just to make it easy. Once installed you need to open the app, then go back to the image you want to Regram in IG. In the top right corner are three dots, tap those and you get a small menu, you want “copy link” then go back to Regrsm where the post should have appeared. Tap on the post snd regram will guide you through reposting on IG – It sounds complicated but only takes 30secs once you are used to it.

    Links are dissbled in IG. I either change my profile link or advise people what to search for on the blog to find the relevant post. Im hopeful one day links will be enabled.

    Improvements for profile! Not really improvements just some guidance..I work in this area so have it coming out of my ears. Post regularly, embrace hashtags…but dont go over the top, Express your personality (you dont have to post selfies but show some individuality), most of all have fun because believe it or not that shines through.

    Good luck!

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  24. Charlotte says:

    If it helps, I don’t get instagram either…lol.
    But to comment back, you basically just click on the comment and there should be a ‘reply’ button

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