I Spy Book Challenge

I rarely take part in blog memes or tags but when I saw this one it looked like so much fun!
Cleo from Cleopatra Loves Books and Nicki from The Secret Library did a great job with it, so I thought I’d join in. It took me 25 minutes to find them all.

If you want to join in yourself, here are the rules:

Find a book on your bookshelves that contains (either on the cover or in the title) an example for each of twenty categories.

You must have a separate book for all 20, get as creative as you want and do it within five minutes!!  (or longer if you have way too many books on way too many overcrowded shelves!)

I tried to make all of my choices books that I recommend.

#1 Food

Apple tree yard by Louise Doughty

#2 Transportation

The lilac bus by Maeve Binchy

#3 Weapon

Slip of the knife by Denise Mina

#4 Animal

Black dog by Stephen Booth

#5 Number

13 steps down by Ruth Rendell

#6 Something you read

Letters from Skye by Jessica Brockmole

#7 Body of water

River of darkness by Rennie Airth

#8 Product of fire

Playing for the ashes by Elizabeth George

#9 Royalty

The ice princess by Camilla Läckberg

#10  Architecture

House of women by Alison Taylor

#11  Item of clothing

The girl in the red coat by Kate Hamer

#12  Family member

Mother love by L.R. Wright

#13  Time of day

Two o’clock, Eastern wartime by John Dunning

#14  Music

The music shop by Rachel Joyce

#15  Paranormal being

Ghost on Black Mountain by Ann Hite

#16  Occupation

The coroner by M.R. Hall

#17  Season

In the bleak midwinter by Julia Spencer-Fleming

#18  Colour

Raven black by Anne Cleeves

#19  Celestial body

Dark of the moon by P.J. Parrish

#20  Something that grows

Tigerlily’s orchids by Ruth Rendell

Well that’s it!  Fun for me, and hopefully added something to YOUR TBR! LOL

One of the reasons I did this tag was that I didn’t have to single people out by tagging them.  But, that being said, if you want to do this too – consider yourself tagged!

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Fiction reviewer ; Goodreads librarian. Retired library cataloger - more time to read! Loves books, gardening, and red wine. I have been a reviewer member of NetGalley since October 2013. I review titles offered by Edelweiss, and participate in blog tours with TLC Book Tours.
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24 Responses to I Spy Book Challenge

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  3. This is fun! I think I might steal this 🙂

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  4. Stephanie says:

    What a fantastic tag! I haven’t done one in over 6 months or so, but I just might make time for this one! Some wonderful books on here as well to add to my TBR! 🙂

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  5. Great picks! I love seeing everyone’s responses to this fun tag.

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  7. I’ve seen a couple people do this now and it’s making me want to give it a try.

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  8. LucciaGray says:

    Sounds like fun. I might give it a try!

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  9. carhicks says:

    This is a great meme. I could not do it in 5 minutes, more like half an hour. I am definitely going to do this one.

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  10. Fascinating! I may just give this one a go although my mind is drawing blanks on all categories so far lol

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  11. Superb great choices, I could have had coroner for occupation too 😊

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