May TBR: a plan

(you know what they say about plans…)




This is my second month of really planning out my reading. Last month was successful. I actually read all ten titles in my April TBR plan, plus another title that I managed to squeeze in for a total of 11 books and  3,889 pages read! I’m ridiculously proud of myself. LOL


So, in May, I plan to read “Redferne Lane” from Thistle Publishing

and “Persons Unknown” the second in the DS Manon series by Susie Steiner which I got from NetGalley

and two titles that have been on my NetGalley list for far too long…

Black Widow” by Christopher Brookmyre

and “Broken Grace” by E.C. Diskin

a title from Edelweiss that had a time limit attached, “The bookshop of yesterdays” by Amy Meyerson

and another Edelweiss title from an author I’ve come to admire, Peter Swanson “All the beautiful lies

Bluethroat morning” by Jacqui Lofthouse for the Official Blackbird Digital Books Blog Tour on Sunday, May 20th

and “The stolen girls” a book that I’ve been wanting to read for ages (ever since I read “The missing ones), the second book in the Lottie Parker series by Patricia Gibney

a title I’ve been hearing a lot of good things about and that sounds like a fun read: Dear Mrs. Bird by A.J. Pearce

and last but not least, I’ll be reading a title that has been on my personal TBR
for literally years – It is the choice of my ‘in-person’ bookclub for the month of May:

The ice princess by Camilla Läckburg

Ten titles.  I’ll not try to delude myself into thinking I’ll read more.

Are any of these titles on YOUR May TBR?

Also, I was wondering, do you belong to an ‘in-person’ bookclub?  My bookclub,’Whodunit‘, has been meeting on the last Tuesday of every month for almost 20 years!  Our 20th anniversary will be February 2019.

About Fictionophile

Fiction reviewer ; Goodreads librarian. Retired library cataloger - more time to read! Loves books, gardening, and red wine. I have been a reviewer member of NetGalley since October 2013. I review titles offered by Edelweiss, and participate in blog tours with TLC Book Tours.
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28 Responses to May TBR: a plan

  1. carhicks says:

    It looks like some interesting books for this month. I have Redferne Lane and All the Beautiful Lies on my list. I will have to check out some of the ones you have that look good. I am going to do my TBR again, although the first books will be the ones I did not read that were on my list from last month.

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  2. Sandra says:

    You have plenty of books in that list which grab my attention, Lynne. I’ll be looking out for your reviews as you tick them off the list. Good luck!

    As for in-person book clubs: I still miss my book club and we moved away two years ago. I often note the date and think of the girls gathering. Ours was small and intimate and played a huge role in our lives. It’s been suggested that I might seek out another group here – it would have so much to live up to that I continue to hesitate. Perhaps one day!

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    • I wish you could join my book club Sandra. ❤ Seriously though, you should give a book club in your new area a try. You might find some new dear friends and discover some great books. If you dislike the group’s dynamic, there is no reason you have to stay.

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  3. Floryie says:

    Wow 20 years? I envy you.. Belonging to a book club is one of my to-do-in-life list.. That’s great that you have like minded friends to enjoy books with!

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  4. I find setting a TBR so helpful, although I have to put loads of titles on it, just in case I’m not in the mood for a certain book, I have plenty of other options 😂

    That’s so cool that your bookclub is celebrating 20 years of bookclubbing – I wish I belonged to an “in person” book club but I can’t find one locally.

    And, it looks like you’ve got a great reading month ahead of you, enjoy! 📚

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  5. You did great in April. Very impressive to a sluggish book reader like me.

    I’m about to start reading The Dharma Bums, by Kerouac. I hope I’ll finish it before month’s end!

    Neil S.

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  6. skyecaitlin says:

    Great list of books! Thanks, Lynne!!!

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  7. Carrie Rubin says:

    I read The Kind Worth Killing by Peter Swanson and loved it. I should check out this new one by him. Thanks for the heads-up.

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  8. WOW! Almost 20 years! That is awesome!!! 🙂

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  9. Pragya says:

    Woah, you did really good on your April TBR. I am so moody to actually read what I plan. :p
    I don’t belong to a real-life book club but 20 years is a lot!
    Good luck with your May reading.

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  10. 10 books in a month. I’m impressed 🙂 Good luck for May, they all seem pretty interesting!

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  11. I bought Dear Mrs Bird recently but I don’t know when I’ll be reading it!😀

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  12. What a brilliant list of books – I want to read All the Beautiful Lies and I love the Camilla Lackberg series, the Susie Steiner is good as is Dear Mrs Bird!

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  13. Would like to hear about bookshops from yesterday

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  14. Zoe says:

    I have Bluetheoat Morning and Dear Mrs. Bird on my TBR for May as well.

    Congratulations to your “in-person” book club for almost 20 years. That’s pretty amazing. My “in-person” book club meets every third Wednesday of the month and we’ve been going strong for 8 years! This month I’m reading The Girl Before!

    Have a lovely May. Hopefully the nice weather is here to stay! Xx

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