“CWA Anthology of short stories: Mystery Tour” edited by Martin Edwards – Book Review

This exciting collection of short stories features crime writers working with a “mystery tour” or travel theme. Showcasing the diversity of the contemporary crime-fiction genre, these 28 compelling stories will take you on a memorable trip – and you’ll not even have to leave your armchair.

This anthology includes:

  1. The Queen of Mystery” by Ann Cleeves
  2. Return to the Lake” by Anna Mazzola
  3. You’ll be Dead by Dawn” by C.L. Taylor
  4. The Last Supper” by Carol Anne Davis
  5. The White Goddess” by Cath Staincliffe
  6. High flyer” by Chris Simms
  7. Accounting for murder” by Christine Poulson
  8. Travel is dangerous” by Ed James
  9. Take the money” by Gordon Brown
  10. No way back” by J.M. Hewitt
  11. Mystery tour” by Judith Cutler
  12. Wife on tour” by Julia Crouch
  13. The naked lady of Prague” by Kate Ellis
  14. Snowbird” by Kate Rhodes
  15. The Repentance Wood” by Martin Edwards
  16. A mouthful of  Restaurant” by Martine Bailey
  17. Cruising for a Killing” by Maxim Jakubowski
  18. Three on a trail” by Michael Stanley
  19. The Riddle of the Humming Bee” by Paul Charles
  20. Writer’s Block” by Paul Gitsham
  21. Lady Luck” by Peter Lovesey
  22. A Postcard from Iceland” by Ragnar Jónasson
  23. A Clever Evil” by Sarah Rayne
  24. The Prodigy” by Shawn Reilly Simmons
  25. A Slight Change of Plan” by Susi Holliday
  26. Bombay Brigadoon” by Vaseem Khan
  27. Matricide and Ice Cream” by William Burton McCormick
  28. The Spoils” by William Ryan

It has been too long since I’ve immersed myself in a tome of short stories. I know that they are not for everyone.  Myself, I enjoy them a lot, I own a lot of anthologies, yet, inexplicably, I tend to read novels most of the time.

I read short stories to see how some of my favourite authors cope with the limited word count of the short story.  I also read short stories to discover potential new to me authors.

My favourite stories in this collection were:

Return to the Lake” by Anna Mazzola

High Flyer” by Chris Simms

No way back” by J.M. Hewitt

Mystery tour” by Judith Cutler

Many of these short stories had a astonishing ending.
The story that most shocked me was: “A Clever Evil” by Sarah Rayne

One story that I didn’t care for was:

Accounting for Murder” by Christine Poulson: a story told solely through a series of receipts for goods & services.  This might have been a clever way to tell a story, but it wasn’t to my taste.

New (to me) authors from this collection that I intend to read more of:

Anna Mazzola

Chris Simms

Ragnar Jónasson

These stories were concise and powerful. In my opinion, anyone who enjoys crime fiction will enjoy this collection, whether or not they are a fan of the short format.  Recommended!

I received a digital copy of this anthology from Trafalgar Square Publishing/Orenda Books via NetGalley.

Martin Edwards was born at Knutsford, Cheshire and educated in Northwich and at Balliol College, Oxford University, taking a first class honours degree in law. He trained as a solicitor in Leeds and moved to Liverpool on qualifying. He published his first legal article at the age of 25 and his first book, about legal aspects of buying a business computer at 27, before a career as an equity partner of a law firm, where he is now a consultant. He is married to Helena with two children (Jonathan and Catherine) and lives in Lymm. A member of the Murder Squad collective of crime writers, Martin is Chair of the Crime Writers’ Association and in 2015 he was elected eighth President of the Detection Club. He is also Archivist of the CWA and of the Detection Club.

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7 Responses to “CWA Anthology of short stories: Mystery Tour” edited by Martin Edwards – Book Review

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  2. Your approach to reviewing this anthology was great. Though I do enjoy short stories, I’m not sure I’ve ever read an anthology. Seems like an excellent way to get a quick exposure to a lot of different authors and decide who suits you. Thanks for the new perspective!

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  3. carhicks says:

    This looks like a great anthology. It is nice to find a new author this way and with it being short stories, it you don’t like one, you can move on. I will have to see if I can find this one. Great review Lynne.


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