“Brainstorm” by Matthew Drzmala – Book Review

BLURB: Clinical psychologist Michael Eriksson makes a living from helping others, but after a series of events he is left fighting to pick up the pieces of his own shattered psyche.
When he is called to an attempted suicide on a stormy summer’s night, Michael has the chance to save a life, but will it be his own?

Michael Eriksson, a clinical psychologist in his early forties is struggling. He is going through a personal crisis and is also having nightmares which affect his daytime hours and his effectiveness of helping others.

Seven years ago, both his beloved parents died in a car crash. Still reeling from that loss, he faced another loss even closer to home…a loss that shattered his family.  He has a seventeen year-old daughter who he adores, yet their relationship is on tenterhooks and is growing more distant every day.  His secretary is becoming impatient with his erratic schedule and lessened work ethic.

Then, one rainy night, he receives a phone call telling him that there is another potential ‘jumper’ on the George Washington Bridge.  He has talked several suicidal people down from the bridge in the past – however this time it’s personal.  This time the experience will either make him or break him.

I’ve had this novella on my Kindle for a while now and I’m really happy that I finally got around to reading it.  For a story of only 42 pages, it was a great read. The author packed a lot of emotion in these pages and his characters were well-developed.

This novella serves as a well-written and perceptive examination of loss and depression. It shows how even the most healthy of us can meet their breaking point if enough life trauma is thrown at them.

I purchased this novella from Amazon.ca  For less than the price of a cup of coffee, you can purchase this novella in Kindle format.
Born in Manchester, England, Matthew Drzymala is an author, workshop presenter and copywriter.  He mainly writes comedy books, as seen in his series, The Bumpkinton Tales. They are funny stories set in the rural village of Bumpkinton, packed with a cast of quirky, colourful characters.

Brainstorm is a darker story than his Bumpkinton releases and is centred around Clinical Psychologist, Michael Eriksson. Parts of that story happened in his life, mostly when he was in his late teens and early twenties, so it’s a personal story, but one he loved writing.

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  1. Super sounding novella! I enjoy mixing up a shorty with a very long one, as I’m currently reading. Thank you, I’ll check it out.

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