Police procedural series I want to start – Part 1

What am I like???  There are SO many wonderful and compelling series that I’ve already begun which I want to finish, SO many that I’m dying to pursue, WHY would I want to start more? It is a terminal sickness. I can’t help myself. Police procedurals, particularly those set in the United Kingdom, are probably my favourite type of read.

I’m on Goodreads everyday. I read other blogs everyday. How can I NOT be tempted to start more?  For my first post in what could easily be a new blog series (Ha-Ha) I’ve listed the information on FIVE British Police Procedural series that I’m eager to start. Perhaps they’ll tempt you too?  If you’ve read any of these and can recommend them, I’ve included a poll at the bottom of the post so you can vote which I should read first out of these five.

So which is it to be?  Please vote below to share your opinion on which series I should read first.


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24 Responses to Police procedural series I want to start – Part 1

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  3. carhicks says:

    I can not make a recommendation because I have not read any of these. You know that I am on Goodreads checking these all out now. That TBR is growing bigtime today.

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  4. Oops, now I want to add more to my reading list, haha! Holy Island is on my TBR!


  5. thequietgeordie says:

    At least with the Claire Chase it’s currently only 2 books….


  6. I don’t know any of these but I do recommend Eva Dolan’s Zigic and Ferraria crime books.


  7. I’m not familiar with any of these series so can’t recommend. Sorry.

    Although I usually enjoy police procedurals when I read them, I gravitate to the private detective or amateur sleuth (sans cupcakes). 😉


  8. Michael Wood’s series is on my TBR pile as well. I loved Murder on the Marshes by Clare Chase.


  9. I don’t know any of these authors yet, but I look forward to your reviews!


  10. I absolutely love the DCI Ryan series by LJ Ross, definitely recommend.
    All the others look fab too and are now on my list 😂


  11. Karen says:

    I haven’t yet read the others but my vote is for Michael Wood. Excellent series


  12. lollyrugs says:

    You must read Michael Wood love this series x


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