The A-Z of Me @Fictionophile

A = ALBERT (the love of my life and my husband for the past 41 years)

B = BOOKS (DUH!); Blogging; Bev (an old friend); Bread (I could live on bread and wine alone); Beaches; Boats; Barbecued ribs; Brussel sprouts

C = Cottage (where we spend our summers); Clay (my late step-father); Charlotte (my mother-in-law); Cynthia (an old friend); Chocolate (see photo above); Cats; Christmas; Crochet; Custard

D = DANIEL (my beloved only son); Donna (my sweet cousin); Dorothy (my dear friend)

E = England (my heart is there even though I live in Canada); Eyesight (didn’t know how much my eyesight meant to me until it became under threat recently); Ebooks; Edelweiss (where I get a lot of the books I read and review)

F = FAMILY; Friends; Frank (my late father-in-law); Fictionophile (my blog which is a labour of love)

G = Gloria (my dearest friend); Grandson (expected in June 2019); Gaye (friend); Gardens; Gazebos; Green beans

H = HUGS, Honesty; Humour; Houses; History; Hummingbirds

I = Iris (my dear, late Mother); Irma (my sweet sister-in-law); Ian (a dear friend)

J = Jeffrey (my only nephew); Justice; Jigsaw puzzles; Jewelry

K = Kathryn (my only niece); Kathleen (friend and mentor); Kooper (my grand-dog); Kindle (I don’t go anywhere without mine)

L = LAURA (my beloved only daughter); Library (where I worked for decades before retirement)

M = Murray (my brother-in-law); Marlene (friend & mentor); Music; Mysteries

N = Nicole (my sweet daughter-in-law); Nova Scotia (the beautiful province where I live); NetGalley (where I get a lot of the books I read and review)

O = Oakley (my grand-dog); the Ocean

P = Pianos (No, I don’t play but I’ve always wanted to learn); Purring (nothing more soothing than a purring cat); Photographs

Q = Quilts (to snuggle up in when reading); Quotes (especially if they are about books and reading)

R = Richard (my late father); Reading; Retirement (it is the BEST!)

S = Scrabble (real life or online – anyway I can get it); the Seaside; Scallops (YUM!); Scones; Squash

T = Togetherness; Tranquility; Tales; Thrillers; Turquoise; Tea

U = Understanding (of  the world, myself, and other people)

V = Views (an ocean view is the best)

W = Wine (red preferred, but white sometimes); Words (I’ve been a logophile for my entire life); Worrying (I’m a worrywart)

X = Xenophiles

Y = Yarn (all the better to crochet with)

Z = Zoos (I love animals of all kinds)

So now, you know more about me.  Do you and I have anything in common?

About Fictionophile

Fiction reviewer ; Goodreads librarian. Retired library cataloger - more time to read! Loves books, gardening, and red wine. I have been a reviewer member of NetGalley since October 2013. I review titles offered by Edelweiss, and participate in blog tours with TLC Book Tours.
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37 Responses to The A-Z of Me @Fictionophile

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  2. Sheree @ Keeping Up With The Penguins says:

    Awwww this is lovely! I must admit I was wondering what you were going to do for X, but you nailed it! 😍👍❤️

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  3. Lorilin says:

    I love this. What a great idea. I notice how many people you mention. That must feel good to have so many solid family members and friends around. It really makes for a rich life! Thanks for sharing!

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  4. skyecaitlin says:

    Lynne, Love this! We have a lot in common.

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  5. Rainne says:

    Lovely post. We have a few things in common – books, cats, family… 🙂
    Thank you for the idea, I did one of my own on my blog!

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  7. Kim Rogers says:

    Oh my gosh you are so creative! Each week I can’t believe what you come up with! Love it! I love, love, love all animals too. Each and every one. Dogs are my favorites though! I love the ocean also, I grew up in Hawaii (no longer live there) so I took it for granted. There is nothing more peaceful than looking out into the ocean.

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  8. I loved learning more about you! What a fun post ❤

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  9. Carol says:

    Fun! I’ve been meaning to do this myself! I love how a lot of items on your list are PEOPLE and relationships! I also have a grandog named Oakley…she’s a Golden Retriever.

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  10. Sandra says:

    This is lovely Lynne 🙂 We have a lot in common!

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  11. nsfordwriter says:

    Lovely post! I also like chocolates, words and purring cats 🙂

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  12. Sarah says:

    As a life long New Englander- yes to scallops! I love them baked New England style, I love them sautéed and golden on both sides but not over cooked, but mostly I love them deep fried with lemon in the summer, preferably from a beachside shanty.

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  13. I love the ocean. I never get to go but if I could I would live near the ocean. I love books and blogging and views. We have several things in common. I love getting to know more about the person behind the blog. Thank you for sharing.

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  14. carhicks says:

    I love this Lynne. We have a lot in common. The funny thing is my husband’s middle name was Albert, his father’s name was Albert and my second grandson has Albert as his middle name. Also, my DIL has a brother named Albert. Not a common name these days though. I love that picture of you, you look so happy. I will keep praying that your eye issues clear up soon. I always love getting to know more about my blogger friends. Have a great weekend.

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  15. I enjoyed this post, Lynne. My goodness do we have a lot in common. I think with the exception of the specific folks you have honored here, everything else we share. Wait! I know nothing of yarn. 😀

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  16. Lovely post! I think we have a few things in common, particularly books, blogging and chocolate 😀

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  17. It’s always lovely to see the face behind a blog 😊

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