ELEVEN well-known books that were inspired by dreams

Introduction by Brigid Ludwig

Did you know that Stephen King dreamed the entire plot of ‘Misery’ on a plane?

If you’ve ever been unable to put a great book down, you know how easy it is to get lost in a story. The interesting characters, the fascinating plot points, and enthralling description can keep you turning page after page. Authors work very hard to craft compelling stories that their readers will not only enjoy, but love. For many this takes years of hard work and planning. It may even mean hundreds of rejections, thousands of edits and loads of re-writing. For a lucky few, however, they don’t have to work so hard at all.

Authors of famous books like Frankenstein and Jane Eyre claim to have come up with the ideas for their novels in their dreams. And these aren’t the only cases, either. You’d be surprised how many famous books throughout history began as dreams. It makes sense. Dreams are often a reflection of what we most often think about, so it makes sense that authors who are trying to come up with fresh ideas and unique twists might have their best epiphanies in their dreams.

For a full list of books that began as dreams, or for some tips on how to leverage creative ideas for your own projects, check out this infographic below by Sleep Advisor:

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20 Responses to ELEVEN well-known books that were inspired by dreams

  1. Sheree @ Keeping Up With The Penguins says:

    Love this infographic, another great find! I must say, though, I think Robert Louis Stevenson’s “dream” of Jekyll and Hyde might’ve been… y’know… not a dream exactly, but an induced state. If I recall correctly, I read that he was using a lot of a certain white powder himself at the time of writing (not a great idea when he had a history of bleeding disorders, but that’s none of my business).

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  2. Barb Saffer says:

    This is so interesting. Some of these dreams must have been nightmares though. LOL 🙂

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  3. Such an interesting post! The only one I knew about was Twilight, so I was surprised by books like Frankenstein and Jane Eyre. Makes a lot of sense about Metamorphosis though 😉


  4. Didn’t know that Frankenstein was inspired by a dream but did read that it was written very quickly.
    Did a little research after reading “The Stress of Her Regard,” a 1989 historical/fantasy novel by Tim Powers which includes Lord Byron, Mary & Percy Shelley – if you haven’t read this strongly recommend it.

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  5. Martie says:

    What a cool post.

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  6. Woww this is amazing

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  7. How interesting! I knew about Frankenstein but didn’t know these other books were inspired by dreams.

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  8. carhicks says:

    How awesome that they were able to remember their dreams, then write such a great book about it.

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  9. nsfordwriter says:

    Nice! I will have to keep a note of my dreams, they could form a bestselling novel one day 😉

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  10. This is such a neat infographic. I didn’t know the inspiration behind most of these!


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