Books on my #TBR that have an autumn ‘vibe’

Autumn has always been my very favourite season. So much so that I got married in September (43 years ago!) It is no wonder then that I have quite a few covers in my TBR that evoke autumn as soon as you see them.Here are 27 titles from my TBR that, for me, evoke that autumn ‘vibe’.

As usual, I’ve linked the covers to the Goodreads site so that you can find out more about them if you’re interested.  Remember… I haven’t read any of these yet, so if you have, and can heartily recommend it – please let me know in the comments.

Here’s  hoping that autumn 2020 is the best season this year. Lord knows we all would like to see a little improvement.

Let me know if you’ve added any of these titles to YOUR TBR!

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Fiction reviewer ; Goodreads librarian. Retired library cataloger - more time to read! Loves books, gardening, and red wine. I have been a reviewer member of NetGalley since October 2013. I review titles offered by Edelweiss, and participate in blog tours with TLC Book Tours.
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6 Responses to Books on my #TBR that have an autumn ‘vibe’

  1. Carol says:

    Things need to start getting better soon! I haven’t read any of these.

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  2. Good morning, Lynne. I read Dear Life a few months ago. I thought that the quality of the short stories was uneven, but overall it’s a good book. Three or four of the stories are based on her childhood.

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  3. Carla says:

    I have several of these on my TBR, but many that look interesting. The only I have read is Land of Careful Shadows. It is a hard-boil, street cop type of story that deals with a lot of race issues and racial profiling. I read it because it takes place in Michigan. It was a good read, and I want to read more in the series, but it is one that I will take breaks from.

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