“When the Storm Ends” by Rebecca L. Marsh – Book Review

“…remember that everyone has difficulty in life sometimes, but it’s only when the storm ends that you can see a rainbow”.

Sometimes you read a book and find that you are left feeling sort of… content. Content in knowing that these fictional characters you’ve spent several hours with have come out of their traumatic experiences safe and well. This is just such a book.

The central theme of this novel is family violence and child abuse – so be warned. The characters were easy to empathize with and the situations easily imagined.

The protagonist, Beth Christopher, suffered a lot in her early life and because of this she now works as a child psychologist. She is very good at what she does because of her empathy for her patients. However, she crosses a line with one particular patient in the hope that this traumatized girl will open up to her – a fellow victim.  Through this bold and somewhat unethical approach, Beth seeks a successful outcome before the girls looming trial date.

I found the story compelling, but the writing didn’t flow as smoothly as it could at times. The subject matter was at times dark, yet the situations sometimes turned almost saccharine… leaving me strangely conflicted in my overall assessment of the book.

The North Carolina setting neither added nor detracted from the novel as this story could have taken place anywhere. And sadly… it does. The circle of family violence is only too real.

This novel spoke to the fact that some people really should never have children. On the flip side, it also reinforced the fact that there are some very good people out there who want only what is best for children. It also emphasized the fact that siblings often carry huge responsibility, both physically and emotionally.

Recommended to those readers who like realistic situations, told in a frank way, yet who also appreciate a happy ending.

3.5 stars rounded up for Goodreads and Amazon

This review was written voluntarily and my rating was in no way influenced by the fact that I received a complimentary digital copy of this novel from the author.

ISBN: 9781949498011  – ASIN:  B07HMBBQXY – 346 pages

Rebecca L. Marsh is an author of women’s fiction and a member of the Paulding County Writer’s Guild. She grew up in the mountains of Western North Carolina, and now lives in Dallas, Georgia, with her husband and daughter. … Rebecca occasionally makes home-made candy and works on her scrapbooks (she is woefully behind).

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6 Responses to “When the Storm Ends” by Rebecca L. Marsh – Book Review

  1. Carol says:

    This sounds interesting but maybe too heavy for me right now.

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  2. Pink Roses says:

    Thanks for the review; I’ll give this one a miss.

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  3. Thank you for taking the time to read and review my novel!

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