The Book Themed Art of Pawel Kuczyński #BookishArt #PawelKuczynski #BookThemedArt

I haven’t done an art related post in a while, so when I came across this artist’s work on Pinterest, I thought it was a perfect time to remedy that. Kuczyński cleverly uses satire to portray today’s social, political and cultural reality.
Pawel Kuczyński features books a lot in his work. In addition to book themes he has used his art as a social commentary on politics, war, social media, and much more. I urge you to see his full body of work on the site

Meanwhile, here are a few of his art works with book related themes:

“Journey with Sharks” by Pawel Kuczynski

“Climbing” by Pawel Kuczynski

“Deeper” by Pawel Kuczynski

“Break in Transmission” by Pawel Kuczynski

“Harp” by Pawel Kuczynski

“Iceberg” by Pawel Kuczynski

“Life” by Pawel Kuczynski

“Audiobook” by Pawel Kuczynski

“Pearl” by Pawel Kuczynski

“Library” by Pawel Kuczynski

“Ocean” by Pawel Kuczynski

I couldn’t find the title for this piece, but I love it, so just had to add it.

Paweł Kuczyński is a Polish born political art satirist and philosopher who holds anti-war sentiments as one of many of the themes for his contemporary, surrealist art.

He was born August 12, 1976  in Szczecin, Poland and studied art at the University of Fine Arts in Poznań.

He is best known for his graphic design, drawing and painting.

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25 Responses to The Book Themed Art of Pawel Kuczyński #BookishArt #PawelKuczynski #BookThemedArt

  1. Exploit! I love this post!


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  3. How lovely! He is so very talented. Those pieces spoke to me and stirred my emotions. I have no doubt he is a fellow reader. Bravo!


  4. Well these are a little bit odd but utterly delightful!


  5. calypte says:

    That bath one is my favourite, thank you so much for finding and sharing 🙂

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  6. Kelly says:

    Love these posts!

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  7. Pink Roses says:

    Love them all, especially the bath one. Thanks for the post.


  8. Carla says:

    These are amazing Lynne. I can see prints of these up all over a library. Thanks for sharing them.


  9. Gorgeous! I really like Kuczyński’s political art but hadn’t seen these book related ones before!

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  10. Love these Lynne especially the one on the beach!


  11. love all of them, so cool 💙🙃👍


  12. This is incredible. I really love the art too. Thank you so much for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

    • So pleased that you enjoyed this post. When you have a few minutes to spare, please check out the other twelve artists I’ve featured on Fictionophile. Some of the art is truly amazing. 🎨😍


  13. Carol says:

    Lovely post! 😍

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