Do YOU choose books by their covers?

I’m certain that most of you know by now that I really appreciate book cover art. What with my long standing ‘Cover Love‘ series of blog posts, and my ‘Wednesday’s Word‘ series, it would almost seem I’m crazy obsessed.

That got me thinking… I went to my Goodreads TBR and looked through it to see what books I would choose to read today if I was  using the COVER ONLY as a basis for my choice. After doing this little exercise, I came to four overall conclusions.

Here are the 32 titles that I chose

(with links to Goodreads in case they appeal to you too)


I love

a) houses which overlook the sea

b) brooding skies

c) creepy old houses

d) sea views

I wonder what would be the overlying themes of your cover choices?

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41 Responses to Do YOU choose books by their covers?

  1. Sheree @ Keeping Up With The Penguins says:

    I’m definitely seeing your ocean vibe here! Looking over my own Goodreads, I’d say I’m inclined to graphic design covers, ones that use illustration rather that photographs – Clap When You Land, The Vanishing Half, My Sister The Serial Killer…

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  2. I actually do tend to judge books by their covers as well as their titles. I’m one of those weird people who usually doesn’t like to read the blurb or watch much of a movie’s preview. I like to be surprised and to see if the story actually is about what I think it’s about.

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  3. margaretshirley3144 says:

    After seeing the Nova Scotia flag on one of your chyrons (?), I wasn’t surprised at the preponderance of seascapes and creepy old houses. there are plenty of them here on the South Shore.
    Have you considered using an old Nova Scotia house above the sea as an inspiration for a mystery book yourself? Would love to read it!

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  5. Zoë says:

    Hmmm you definitely seem to have a type when it comes to book covers 😉 I think these are beautiful, but it’s interesting because a totally different kind of cover usually attracts me. Great post idea!

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  6. Mine is pretty eclectic, actually. I have been known to decide against books because of their covers (many time), and I’m sure that I have chosen some to read because of their covers as well.

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  7. Carla says:

    I often select books by the cover, but it is just that it catches my eye. I like covers with animals, whimsical covers and ones with colour that grab me. Not sure if there is certain items or themes for me. I will have to do this exercise, but not tonight, too tired.

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  8. I am a sucker for mountains and clouds and rays of light. Looks like you are too.


  9. Kelly says:

    I’m definitely a sucker for creepy houses on covers as well 😂


  10. I choose books by authors for new writers, I will go by the cover. Any cover with a cat or dog on it catches my eye, but your dog or better have a minor role in the story. IF not I will never buy another book by the author.

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  11. A cover might attract my attention but it would be the blurb, genre or author that would ultimately influence my decision to read the book. Covers that tend to draw my eye include those with flora and fauna (The Familiars, Where The Hornbeam Grows), vintage images or paintings.

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  12. Interesting – if I was choosing just by cover I’d pick very differently! Funny how different things appeal isn’t it.

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  13. I don’t normally but I confess there are a few on my shelf because the covers lured me in😏 I tend to be drawn to cleverly artistic ones that illustrate the titles or stories in a provocative way. And, lately illustrated covers have inexplicably hooked me!


  14. I’m a very visual person, and covers are a big thing for me as well. Love your choices! 💕

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  15. Love this Lynne and definitely want to do it too! Can I use your banner?

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  16. This is brilliant! It’s amazing what draws different people into different books 😊

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  17. I can buy sometimes the book because of the cover, but it should look different (not so common). Often, I like the books without any pictures on the cover at all lol

    I think from your list I’d choose – creepy old houses. Nothing can beat the chill of the mystery 🙂

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  18. Carol says:

    I don’t think I choose books by the cover but it would be an interesting analysis!

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