Love Crime Fiction? Looking to start a new series? #CrimeFiction #TBR #policeprocedural

Despite the fact that I’ve already got several series on the go, my radar is always attuned to crime/police procedural series that sound interesting. I’ve got quite a few series that I’m very anxious to read.
In case you also love crime series, I thought I’d share some of the ones on my TBR that have exceptionally good ratings on Goodreads.
I’ve linked each graphic to the series page on Goodreads.
Hope you find one you enjoy!

If you have already read any of the books in the above series, please let me know your thoughts.

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13 Responses to Love Crime Fiction? Looking to start a new series? #CrimeFiction #TBR #policeprocedural

  1. great post, Lynne, although i see they are all over the UK and one in Tucson, AZ. several for March? i’m checking them out. thanks!

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  2. Carla says:

    I already have some of these on my TBR, thanks to your reviews Lynne. I will probably not add more, but this is a good reminder that some of them on getting buried.

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  4. Thanks for this. I used to be more on top of mystery series and new authors, but that skill has slipped over the last 10 years since I try to read a broader range. Mysteries used to be my main go to. I still have many series to finish, but it’s nice to get in on the beginning. I’m so far behind on some now that it seems daunting.

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    • I hear you Mary. I’m very tempted to reread a few of some of my series as I can barely remember anything about them (other than that I enjoyed them). Just wish there were more reading hours in the day.


  5. Some great choices on this one. I love the Nick Louth books 😊

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  6. Pink Roses says:

    Thanks for that list. I’m always looking for good police procedure books.

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