“Darkest Night” by Jenny O’Brien – Book Review

DS Gaby Darin is now settled in Pembrokeshire, Wales after a difficult work-related experience in Swansea. Gaby is starting out again at a new police station  – this time in Llandudno. She has bought herself a small cottage that needs updating, something she cannot afford. She is shorter than the average copper, and overweight. She wears her waist-length dark hair in a plait. Very intelligent, Gaby is devoted to her work, and has little to no social life. She loves food, partly to the fact that her parents run an Italian restaurant.

Gaby has been a copper for thirteen years. This time out she is paired with DC Owen Bates and for the first time in her career she is tasked with heading an investigation.

DC Owen Bates is married with a toddler and another child on the way. Always sleep deprived, he is a very diligent policeman who is loyal to Gaby. She depends on his opinions and inherent common sense.

DC Amy Potter – is Gaby Darin’s closest friend and is also the family liaison officer for the team. She has empathy and ‘people skills’ in abundance.

DC Marie Morgan – attractive and petite, Marie is married to a lawyer and is desperate to have a child. Despite this, she has a very strong work ethic and is invaluable to the team.

Gaby and her team work under the supervision of DCI Henry Sherlock. An old-fashioned, old-school copper.

Gaby has a prickly relationship with the pathologist, a tall, large, red-headed Irishman named Rusty Mulholland.

Christine De Bertrand has just celebrated her thirtieth birthday. She works as a teacher to special needs children, is going deaf, and is divorced from a man she still loves. She wakes up the morning after her birthday extremely hungover – and with a strange man in her bed… or so she thought…  Desperate to prove her innocence in the death of her flatmate, Christine is at a loss as she has no memory whatsoever of what took place the previous night.

Tracy Price, the mother of six year old twin boys has gone missing…

Now Gaby Darin is tasked with both a murder case AND a missing persons case. Could they be connected?

DC Gaby Darin is an interesting character. Bright, brash, overweight, lonely, and very good at her job. I enjoyed the first book in the series very much, which made me eager to pursue this series. It’s turning out to be a corker!

The Pembrokeshire setting added to the overall ambiance of the book.

The characters were very well developed and I thoroughly enjoyed reading of their personal relationships and work exploits.

The crime(s) were fascinating, and caused me to question my own skill at figuring out the murderer.  I did NOT manage to, which speaks well of the author’s plotting prowess.

The book was suspenseful and compelling – I read it in two days. Also, I absolutely love the cover!

I’m certain that anyone who enjoys a well-written, character-driven, police procedural will love this book, and this series. Recommended!

“Darkest Night” was previously published under the title “Stabbed in Wales”

It is now on sale in Kindle and Kobo formats for only .99¢
This review was written voluntarily and my rating was in no way influenced by the fact that I received a complimentary digital copy of this novel from HQ Digital via NetGalley.       ISBN: 9780008390174 –  ASIN: B0876J8DFK –  289 pages

Born in Dublin, Ireland, Jenny O’Brien says she is a wife and mother first – a writer second. She has written romance, thrillers, and children’s books.

Jenny currently resides on the island of Guernsey with her husband, children and cats. She works as a nurse and writes in her spare time.

Readers can find out more about Jenny and her books on her blog

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2 Responses to “Darkest Night” by Jenny O’Brien – Book Review

  1. Carla says:

    Excellent review Lynne. I read the first one in this series and really liked it, so will add this one to my TBR as well. I liked the main character, DC Gaby Darin and knew that she was going to be moving, but then never grabbed this book.

    Liked by 1 person

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