The NetGalley Shelf app – Grrrrrrr #NetGalleyShelf #bookbloggers @NetGalley

I have been a NetGalley member since 2013.

In that time I have read and reviewed 424 titles using my Kindle.

Recently, I’ve come across two titles that did NOT have the option to ‘send to Kindle‘, so I had to download the NetGalley Shelf app to read them.
Today, I opened up the app to read one of the titles only to find that it had expired! As I take all my review commitments very seriously, I will now have to purchase the title.
Also, the other title has only a week left, so I will have to read that title pronto!

My first impressions of the app?
The font is very small and there is not way to enlarge it that I know of.
More importantly, as a reviewer I use the highlight feature on my Kindle constantly when reading a book for review. With the NetGalley Shelf you CANNOT HIGHLIGHT! Also, I can find no way to take notes. These two features are a deal breaker for me.

Have you used the NetGalley Shelf app yet? What are your experiences? Do you have any advice to share?

About Fictionophile

Fiction reviewer ; Goodreads librarian. Retired library cataloger - more time to read! Loves books, gardening, and red wine. I have been a reviewer member of NetGalley since October 2013. I review titles offered by Edelweiss, and participate in blog tours with TLC Book Tours.
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57 Responses to The NetGalley Shelf app – Grrrrrrr #NetGalleyShelf #bookbloggers @NetGalley

  1. Angie says:

    I only used the app for audiobook. At that time, the app won’t even let me log in, lol. It took 2 updates of the app before I was able to use it and finally listen to the book. I honestly thought it won’t ever work for me…😅


  2. HCNewton says:

    I used it for a couple of audiobooks, and let’s just say, I haven’t requested an audiobook since. It’s just too much trouble. Reading this doesn’t surprise me at all. Glad to have my suspicions validated–appreciate it!

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  3. Yes, I always take down my NetGalley ARCs immediately so they don’t expire on me. When I was using a Nook, the books would expire after 52 days from downloading them, so I had to be careful about when I took them down!

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    • I guess I’ve been spoiled with using my Kindle. I’ve never had a title expire from my Kindle… even the ones I read 5 years ago are still there if I choose to re-read them.
      I won’t use the NetGalley Shelf app again if I have any other choice.
      Thanks Davida.

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  4. UGH! i would have exactly the same reactions as yourself and no, i haven’t come across any that couldn’t go to Kindle. i highlight all the time and take notes. if that isn’t an option, neither would be the shelf app.

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  5. nsfordwriter says:

    I don’t request any books that are not available as mobi for Kindle now, after trying the Netgalley Shelf app and finding it not at all good…

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  6. I agree that my preference is to use my Kindle for my ARCs. There is a renew option as someone else mentioned in this thread, although it will not be an automatic approval. With your excellent NetGalley stats, maybe only buy the books if you really want them.
    I think it is the publisher who decides how a reader can access the book. Maybe NetG can advocate for its users.

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  7. happytonic says:

    I’ve only used it for audiobooks. If forced to choose, I’d rather use ADE on my desktop than NG shelf. Hope they listen to your feedback, Lynne!

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  8. Joanne says:

    Like a few others, I’ve only used it for a couple of audiobooks and it wasn’t brilliant. Was there not an option to download a PDF version? If there was, then you could download to your laptop then send it to your Kindle from there. I haven’t come across this problem before but have heard others mention it too.

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  9. Lady Tessa says:

    Not being able to highlight drives me crazy. They sent me a survey recently and that’s what I recommended.

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  10. Shaharee says:

    Release a couple of reviews that state your reviewing process was hampered by above mentioned glitches. Many of these websites nowadays are turning into money grabbing devices and every change is usually meant to serve this purpose. Even when many reviewers would follow this suggestion, I don’t believe this will made the company reverse its policy, but may incite them to tend more seriously to the complaints. The only time I saw an internet giant reverse course was when WhatsApp was bleeding customers when they wanted to force people to connect their Facebook pages to their app.


  11. I hate it and try not to use it where I can. It is so badly put together and reduces the pleasure of the reading experience.

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  12. Kelly says:

    Is there any way you can contact the publisher and explain? I used the app for audiobooks before, but it didn’t always work properly and I just stopped requesting audiobooks because it drove me bonkers.

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  13. You might be able to renew the books for another 54 days Lynne, even if it’s expired. You just have to hold your finger down on the title for a short moment and a small menu should appear allowing you to delete and sometimes renew.

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  14. I have that app but I don’t use it because of the same reason. Can’t adjust the font! I think it’s best for audiobooks only. For that too I had some issue and I honestly don’t like listening audiobooks.

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  15. I haven’t used the netgalley app for ebooks, only audio. I find it’s good for audio but the things you’ve mentioned are very frustrating. I will remember about the expiration deadline if I use it in future though 👍

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  16. Carrie says:

    Completely agree with you on this. Honestly I had the same feelings before the NetGalley Shelf app was even developed though as I came across a few titles back then that I had to read on my tiny little phone with I think it was the adobe app which I still disliked and wanted to use my Kindle then too. On top of ease and comfort of use with a Kindle the expiring file is definitely the nail in the coffin so I’d be right out the door with you too.

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  17. I found it frustrating as well. I had to use it for a how to book. I miss not being able to take notes and it expires on you. You have to make sure to review before it disappears. I had that happen to me as well. I have been a member since October of 2014. I have had 2597 books approved. I hope the send to kindle option never goes away. It is the best way to read books.

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  18. I have only used the app for 2 books and there was a time limit but the time limit didn’t start until I actually downloaded it. I think once I downloaded it I had 3-4 weeks to read it I can’t really remember. I don’t really take notes or highlight all that much so that’s no a deal breaker for me. I’m not to happy about the time restraint though.

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  19. Carol says:

    I’ve only used the app for 2 audio books and it was very glitchy for one of them and it made me leery of requesting another audio for that reason. I’m not sure if it was a publisher problem or an app problem….most likely the app.

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  21. I use the app for the audiobooks. There were some things that I had problems with and they were very nice in their reply indicating they were making changes based on feedback. So I would suggest you give the feedback for the ebooks. I would prefer my Kindle to read on rather than their shelf. If they go exclusively with their shelf, I probably won’t make requests in the future. To me there is no benefit to the shelf for ebooks. I don’t read on a tablet with an app. I do use an app to listen, so I’m ok with it for audiobooks. It doesn’t work as smoothly as the Libby app for Overdrive, though.

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    • Yes Mary, they could learn a lot from the Libby app. I’ve read two library books on that and all of the features I like (highlighting, notes, font size changeability) are all available on Libby. The only downside for Libby for me is that I have to read on my tablet which does not use eInk and I cannot read in bed with.
      If NetGalley goes exclusively with their shelf, I will no longer be getting any new titles from them.


  22. I’ve also run into the issue of books expiring like just a day after receiving them. I try to always download to my Kindle but I have a Kobo and a Nook (for now) cause I am weird like that. And I like to read across all platforms.

    If I can’t read on all devices I will most likely DNF. Sorry you experienced that!

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  24. Carla says:

    I have only used the shelf for audiobooks as I have only had one that I could not send to my kindle and yes, it expired before I got to it. I am hoping it shows up at my library. I also used it for some kids books and I did not like that I could not enlarge the pages to see them better. I sure hope they don’t get rid of the send to kindle option as I might bow out of netgalley if that happens.

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