An extra hour? What to do? #bookworms #bookbloggers

When you go to bed tonight, don’t forget to change your clocks and watches back one hour. Just think, one more hour to read your book!

I live in Nova Scotia, Canada and our clocks turn back at 2:00am Sunday, Nov.7th. I realize that many of you reading this will have already adjusted to Daylight Savings Time.

Since you have a little extra time, I thought I’d share some of these graphics I found on the Internet (Pinterest, Facebook, etc.)And, for a wee bit of levity:

And finally, our darling grandson enjoying the season’s bounty:

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26 Responses to An extra hour? What to do? #bookworms #bookbloggers

  1. Never been a fan of daylight savings time. And every spring when we are forced to push the clocks ahead one hour, I am reminded of the saying by our Native Americans: “Only a paleface would think that cutting off 2 inches on one end of a blanket and sewing it on to the other end would make it longer” (referring to daylight saving time). I so agree. Grandson is such a cutey!

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  2. Lorilin says:

    I love that Alan Bennett quote. So true! 🤗

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  3. Joanne says:

    We changed our clocks last weekend. I spent the extra time enjoying a peaceful hour reading in bed 😊

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  4. Carla says:

    Some beautiful thoughts, some great giggles and an absolutely adorable little guy. Great post, Lynne. Enjoy your extra hour of sleep tonight.


  5. WendyW says:

    What a fun post. Unfortunately, I live in Arizona, and we don’t change clocks here, so I don’t get an extra hour! But, I also don’t lose an hour in the spring!

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  6. Such an enjoyable post. Loved the family photo, just gorgeous!

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  7. He’s really growing Lynne, lovely to see him x


  8. Carol says:

    This brightened my morning! 😍

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  9. Thanks for making me smile, Lynne💜 Your grandson is adorable!

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  10. A lovely photo of your grandson in action! He seems to like this time of year! I had to snigger a few times, especially with the broken iphone (the one asking for a phonebook to kill a spider). Thanks Lynne!

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  12. Kelly says:

    We turned back the clocks last week and all I did was get some extra sleep 😂 I can’t believe how much your grandson has grown! And what a handsome little man too 😍

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  13. Love that one about the spider and the Iphone! 😂

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