“Twelve Secrets” by Robert Gold – Book Review

“Secrets are a dangerous thing”

Ben Harper – is in his mid-thirties and is a prize winning investigative journalist. When he was just eight years old, his older brother was murdered. His father made himself scarce, so it was just Ben and his Mum to help each other through their grief. Then, ten years ago, Ben’s mother jumped in from of a train…  With the ten year anniversary of his mother’s death looming, his boss, Madeline Wilson, wants him to write a story. The only thing is… it is HIS story. At first Ben is highly reluctant to do what his boss is demanding, but as time and events develop, he thinks that it might just be what he needs to find some answers, some justice, and some much needed closure.

Dani Cash – is a young policewoman whose career has had some setbacks. She is now striding to regain her place on the force. She is married to a man who is paralyzed from the waist down.

“Sometimes the deepest secrets are the ones you keep from yourself.”

For some reason this novel reminded me somewhat of an episode of the television drama “Unforgotten“. There were a LOT of characters and at first you cannot figure out how they are connected. As the story evolves you discover that they are indeed connected and it all makes sense.

“So many killed to protect a secret.”

Secrets are always fascinating fodder for a novel. They can bind people together, they can destroy dreams, they can damage lives. Twelve secrets here as the title suggests. Twelve secrets that have impacted Ben Harper’s life in the most profound way.

Yes, this is an entertaining crime thriller. It speaks to the arrogance, entitlement, and hubris of the very wealthy who think other people are pawns in their own personal game. It also speaks to parenting, both by birth and by adoption.

The multi-layered plot brings all the myriad characters together in a believable way, and it has enough twists and red herrings to satisfy the most ardent of thriller fans.

Ben Harper was engaging and sympathetic. As this is touted to be the first in a series featuring Ben Harper, I am confident that I will try to follow this series to its conclusion. After reading an interview with the author, I understand that PC Dani Cash will have more of a presence in the second novel in the series. – I am anxious to find out more about her character.I received a complimentary digital copy of this novel from Sphere (an imprint of Little, Brown UK) via NetGalley – at my request, for my own reading enjoyment and the writing of this review.

ISBN: 9780751582765 – ASIN: ‎ B08ZK91JS2 – 448 pages

Originally from Harrogate in North Yorkshire, Robert Gold began his career as an intern at the American broadcaster CNN, based in Washington DC. He returned to Yorkshire to work for the retailer ASDA, becoming the chain’s nationwide book buyer. He now works in sales for a UK publishing company. Robert now lives in Putney and his new hometown served as the inspiration for the fictional town of Haddley in Twelve Secrets. In 2016, he co-authored three titles in James Patterson’s Bookshots series.

Connect with Robert Gold on Twitter: @books_gold

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  2. Glad you enjoyed this one too, Lynne! I’m looking forward to the next one as well and can’t wait to find out more about Dani’s background.

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    • Dani was an intriguing character. I wondered what it was about the events at the store that made her think she should marry the policeman who was injured at the scene. Was her guilt so intense that she would marry a paraplegic just to assuage it? It didn’t seem like she was in love with him…

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  3. Being compared to Unforgotten is good! Nice review.

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