R.I.P. Queen Elizabeth II – book suggestions to remember her

Like many people around the world, I was saddened to hear of the Queen’s passing yesterday, September 8th at Balmoral Castle. Many of us have never known a world without her in it, and her strength and tenacity is a lesson for us all.

The Queen’s funeral is thought to take place 10 days after her death, and will be lead by the Archbishop of Canterbury and her coffin will be taken to Westminster Abbey by gun carriage.

If you’re looking for a list of books about the late Queen Elizabeth II and are interested in learning more about the Queen’s life and reign, the librarians at OverDrive have curated a special list to remember the UK’s longest-serving monarch. All of these books are available for free on the Libby App through local libraries.

Also, if you want to see a montage of Queen Elizabeth II’s life in pictures, check out the offering of Newsweek Magazine by clicking on the photo below.Also, if you can’t get enough of the late Queen, check out my Pinterest board devoted to her that contains some of my own personal favourite photos of Her Majesty.

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14 Responses to R.I.P. Queen Elizabeth II – book suggestions to remember her

  1. Alex Edmunds says:

    Not Really.,
    Countries which British empire conquered & Ruled over didn’t care a bit…
    Most were very angry for crown robbing these nations of their wealth.
    Many famines caused by Brits
    166 million killed throughout which is the highest ever in history
    Yet Queen was the face of this empire and never ever apologising about any of the empire’s wrong doings
    So don’t be certain that the whole world felt sorry no many couldn’t care a bit


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  3. RIP Queen Elizabeth. It’s so strange without her!. She will also be the longest serving monarch ever too. 👑👑

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  4. Kally says:

    Thank you for writing such a beautiful and heartfelt tribute.

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  5. B. Centers says:

    The world is really missing her and your post is a great tribute.

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  6. Carol says:

    The world will miss her.

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  7. Thanks for this post. She was a most amazing inspiration to so many with her levelheadedness and grace.

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  8. This is a lovely tribute!

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  9. Carla says:

    Great post, Lynne. Thanks for sharing all of these photos.

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    • The Queen was a big part of my childhood Carla. My mother was a British war bride who shared a birth year with the Queen. Also, when I was a child, the Queen’s portrait was in the front of all my classrooms and we sang “God Save The Queen” every single morning. (as well as “Oh Canada” and saying the Lord’s prayer).

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      • Carla says:

        The same here, Lynne, but not a war bride. My mom was born February 1926 and always talked about being two months older than the queen. She was the Queen of the commonwealth my whole life.

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