“The Chamber And The Cross” by Lisa K. Shapiro and Deborah K. Reed – Book Review

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Anyone who enjoys a dual timeline novel packed with authentic historical detail needs to read this book. With one part rooted in the present and the other (the bulk of the novel) set in the mid 1400s during medieval times, this story kept me enthralled throughout.I was interested to hear that the authors decided to write this novel after the deaths of their own mothers as a catharsis to deal with their grief. The result is a well researched historical story that I thoroughly enjoyed. Usually the middle ages is history too far back for me to be really interested in, but these authors brought it to life in a way that I could imagine myself there. Vividly described, the manor house felt very authentic to me. I would classify this novel as historical gothic fiction with elements of romance, suspense, and a ghost story. I believe that anyone who enjoys the Outlander books by Diana Gabaldon will derive pleasure from reading “The Chamber And The Cross”.

Though this book is a backlist title, I was sad to discover that the authors have not written any more books together since this one. Anyone who has a Kindle Unlimited subscription can read this book for free. Highly recommended.I read this title via my Kindle Unlimited subscription. All opinions are my own.

Publisher: Kay Publishing –  Publication Date: November 9. 2014

ASIN: B00PG6DVZ4 ISBN: 9780990745204 – 507 pagesCo-writing The Chamber And The Cross enabled Deborah K. Reed, a Realtor, to marry her passions for literature, historical homes, architecture, and family dynamics. Lisa K. Shapiro is a college professor who has published several novels. To research The Chamber And The Cross, the authors traveled to England, walked historic battlegrounds, combed through castle ruins, and explored dozens of manor houses. They also studied the procedures for exhuming human remains.

Lisa Shapiro is an Associate Professor of Business at San Diego Mesa College. She holds degrees in Management and Literature, and has also taught composition and creative writing in San Diego.

Shapiro is the author of NO FORGOTTEN FRONTS: FROM CLASSROOMS TO COMBAT, (from Naval Institute Press) based on thousands of original letters written by students from San Diego State who served in World War II. Shapiro spent more than two years researching the correspondence between young service men and service women and one trusted professor.

Shapiro also co-authored THE CHAMBER AND THE CROSS, with Deborah K. Reed. To research this historic novel, the authors traveled to England, walked historic battlegrounds, combed through castle ruins, and studied the procedures for exhuming human remains.

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