“Shared Sorrows” by Vincent Panettiere – Book Review

Shared Sorrows” is a thoughtful and engrossing work of literary fiction. Fitting, because the protagonist, Frank DioGuardia, is a professor of literature.

Frank, who is in late middle age, is approaching the anniversary of his father’s death that will signify that he has outlived his father. This has always been a milestone for him, a goal… But this year events conspire to change Frank’s mindset dramatically. He takes part in the annual NYC Columbus Day Parade in his Knights of Columbus attire. To prevent a criminal act he uses his ceremonial sword and injures a man. A life changing event that precedes an enlightening and introspective look at his life and his beliefs.

Integral to his life-altering experience is Dr. Laurie McDevitt, the physician who treats him in the ER after the incident. They form an instant rapport due to their ‘shared sorrows’. She lost her father on the same date that he did. Frank is married and the father of three adult children. Don’t be mislead, this is not a story of infidelity. Rather it is a story of one man’s epiphany – when he discovers his life to be fraudulent. A personality crisis of gigantic proportions.

The media jump upon Frank and create a frenzy that impacts his life and the lives of those who care for him. One pivotal event follows another…

“Shared Sorrows” is an eloquently written novel that touches upon several serious subjects. The mystery of marital relationships, faith and religion, politics and totalitarianism, perception generated by media, and corruption within the Catholic Church. Republicans be warned… there is even some Trump bashing (which I personally appreciated).

I would recommend this novel to readers who like measured, introspective, literary fiction.

I received a complimentary digital copy of this novel from Books Go Social via NetGalley.

Publication date: October 17, 2021

Publisher: Books Go Social/BookBaby

ISBN: 9781667807669  – 220 pages

Vincent Panettiere was born in Brooklyn, NY.

He graduated from St. John’s University and went to graduate school at Boston University. After college he became a sports writer for the wire service United Press International (UPI) and later wrote for the Boston Herald.

After holding executive positions at Westinghouse Broadcasting, CBS and Xerox he moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career as a screen writer.

He became a licensed and bonded literary agent representing writers and directors in television and films. During the same time, Panettiere was certified by the Major League Baseball Players Association to serve as an agent for major league and professional baseball players. Clients he represented played in the major leagues for the Boston Red Sox, St. Louis Cardinals and Kansas City Royals.

Next, Panettiere turned to fiction. In A Woman to Blame, Panettiere created the character of Chicago police detective Mike Hegan. This was followed by These Thy Gifts, a second novel featuring Hegan, The Scopas Factor, The Music of Women, and his latest, Shared Sorrows.

He now lives in Los Angeles, California.

There is more information on Panettiere and his books on his website.

Connect with Vincent Panettiere on Twitter.

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