“Remaindered” by Peter Lovesey – Book Review #bibliomysteries

Open Road Media have published a series of Bibliomysteries (Short tales about deadly books, by top mystery authors).  I have read five of them so far.  The first one I read and enjoyed was by Elizabeth George called “The mysterious disappearance of the reluctant book fairy” ; the second was the wonderful “Every seven years” by Denise Mina; and the third was “The Travelling Companion” by Ian Rankin. The fourth was “Rides a Stranger” by David Bell. Now, I have just read “Remaindered” by Peter Lovesey.

Check out the other great titles in the Bibliomysteries series from Open Road Media.H

If asked ‘whodunit’, this time the honest answer would be Agatha Christie. When bookshop owner Robert Ripple goes to lift his newly acquired box of Agatha Christie first editions, his heart gives out. He dies bent over the box…With no family and no will, the bookshop’s future is in limbo. His shop assistant keeps the place ticking over, but the small community of Pokesville, Pa. miss their bookshop. Many groups gathered there, one of which was the “Friends of England” group. After a few weeks pass and still no will is found, the authorities declare that Ripple’s estate then must revert back to the State of Pennsylvania. The ‘Friends of England’ cannot let that happen!

This short novella features some highly unsavoury characters whose lives are led by their own avarice. With a clever twist near the end, the story will most certainly be enjoyed by fans of the author.This short story was in my own collection of ebooks. I plan to read more Bibliomysteries when time permits.

Peter Lovesey, also known by his pen name Peter Lear, is a British writer of historical and contemporary detective novels and short stories. His best-known series characters are Sergeant Cribb, a Victorian-era police detective based in London, and Peter Diamond, a modern-day police detective in Bath.

Peter was born in Middlesex, England in 1936. He is the only living British author to have been honoured with the two top honours in crime writing: the CWA/Cartier Diamond Dagger and Grand Master of the Mystery Writers of America.

Visit Peter Lovesey’s website: https://peterlovesey.com/

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