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“Bitter Orange” by Claire Fuller – Book Review

“Pain as well as joy makes us who we are.” Frances Jellico 1969 – nearing her fortieth birthday, she is socially inept and has never experienced love, or even a man’s attentions.  She left her place at Oxford to take … Continue reading

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“The Woods” by Vanessa Savage – Book Review

Tess Cooper, in her mid-twenties, is a teacher. She does not enjoy her work or the teenagers who are in her class. She lashes out at one teenager which effectively ends her teaching career. It is no coincidence that her … Continue reading

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“The Au Pair” by Emma Rous – Book Review

Seraphine Mayes – 2017 – Twenty-five years old and still reeling from the accidental death of her beloved father, Seraphine lives at Summerbourne. Her twin brother Danny travels a lot, and her older brother Edwin lives in town in the … Continue reading

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Throwback Thursday – “Lie with me” by Sabine Durrant – Book Review

The Throwback Thursday meme was created by Renee over at It’s Book Talk. She made this meme to share some of her old favorites. Although all bookbloggers have an endless TBR pile, we seldom take the time to reflect back … Continue reading

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“The Hanged Man” by Andrée Rushton – Book Review

Tessa – a librarian from London, is single and in her mid-thirties. She buys into a time-share of a beautiful old farmhouse in south-west France. She shares the house with six other people and they all get along well – … Continue reading

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“Little Cruelties” by Liz Nugent – Book Review

William Drumm – the eldest brother is disdainful of his siblings. He has always been his mother’s favorite (in as much as she has a favourite…) William always felt entitled and he was a womanizer and film producer. He marries … Continue reading

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“Playing Nice” by J.P. Delaney – Book Review

Pete and Maddie – are the middle-class parents of two year old Theo. When Theo was born, he was premature and suffered from complications. Now though, he is a healthy, boisterous, active, charming little boy.     Miles and Lucy … Continue reading

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“The Forgotten Letters of Esther Durrant” by Kayte Nunn – Book Review

1951-52 – Esther Durrant has just lost her infant son. Blaming herself, and suffering from post-natal depression, she is despondent and lethargic. Her husband, at a loss as to what to do, sends her to one of the Isles of … Continue reading

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Celebrating #Orentober 2020 @OrendaBooks

As a bookblogger, I’ve been privileged to read and review several titles from the Orenda Books catalogue.  To that end, I thought I’d celebrate #Orentober by sharing some of my reviews for these fabulous novels.  Just click on the title … Continue reading

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“The Lingering” by S.J.I. Holliday – Book Review

“We have to be safe here. It’s all that we have.” Jack Gardiner, a former policeman, and his wife Ali Gardiner, a former psychiatric nurse, have elected to rid themselves of most of their worldly possessions and join a commune … Continue reading

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“Miss Benson’s Beetle” by Rachel Joyce – Book Review

Forty-six year old Margery Benson is the epitome of the word ‘spinster’. She is a dowdy, plain, tall and wide school teacher with no family or friends to speak of. When her world becomes too much, she decides to go … Continue reading

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“A Song of Isolation” by Micheal J. Malone – Book Review

This book features three main protagonists: Dave – a young man who works as an accountant and is the live-in partner of a movie star. He is fearful that his relationship is precarious and that the love of his life … Continue reading

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“Everything My Mother Taught Me” by Alice Hoffman – Book Review

The year is 1908. After losing her beloved father, thirteen year-old Adeline elects to never speak again. Her widowed mother, now having to find a way to support herself and her daughter, takes a menial job at a remote island … Continue reading

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“The Shadow Bird” by Ann Gosslin – Book Review

Erin Cartwright, a psychiatrist in her late thirties, is conflicted. Born in small-town Maine, she escaped the clutches of her dysfunctional family and fled to England. Now, back on American soil once again after twenty years, she is posing as … Continue reading

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“The Seven Doors” by Agnes Ravatn – Book Review

Way back in January of 2017 I read this author’s debut novel, “The Bird Tribunal” and it turned out to be my favourite book of the year! Ever since then, I’ve been anxiously awaiting her next work. It was worth … Continue reading

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