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“Whale Fall” by Ann Lambert – Book Review

Roméo Leduc – is a Detective Chief Inspector of homicide working for the Sûreté du Québec, who works out of an office in Saint-Jérôme, Quebec.  Roméo is a workaholic who loves to read, loves classical music, is a vegetarian, and has … Continue reading

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“The Matchmaker’s Gift” by Lynda Cohen Loigman – Book Review

This is the author’s third novel and I have read all her work. I have to say that I enjoy her writing enough that if I see her name on the cover, I will get a copy. This book was … Continue reading

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“The Guest House” by Robin Morgan-Bentley – Book Review

If you are a fan of dark, twisty, and somewhat disturbing thrillers then you should read “The Guest House“. Although I’m a real fan of page turners, this one might have been just one plot twist too far. Jamie and … Continue reading

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“The Winners” by Fredrik Backman – Book Review

“It is often said that history is written by the winners, but there are no winners here.” In 2018 I read “Beartown“. It was phenomenal. Then later that same year I read “Us Against You“, and that actually managed to … Continue reading

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“The Couple at Causeway Cottage” by Diane Jeffrey – Book Review

Kat and Mark Fisher move to the idyllic island of Rathlin, off the coast of Northern Ireland. Their reasons are twofold. They want to escape their hectic London life and start a family, and, they want to be closer to … Continue reading

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“Black Hearts” by Doug Johnstone – Book Review

“We are all different versions of ourselves with different people.” The Skelfs have two businesses which they run out of their large Victorian house in Edinburgh. They run a funeral parlour AND a private detective agency. It is up to … Continue reading

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“The Marsh Queen” by Virginia Hartman – Book Review

Loni Mae Murrow escaped the stifling confines of her home in northern Florida and went north. Now thirty-six, she works for the Smithsonian’s Natural History Museum as an artist in their ornithology department. She likes her life in Washington, D.C. … Continue reading

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“Loving The Dead And Gone” by Judith Turner-Yamamoto – Book Review

“Loving the dead and gone was the sweetest love of all… the only thing that never changed, never got old and sour.” 1963  Donald Ray Spencer – dead at age nineteen leaving behind a seventeen year old widow, Darlene. Darlene … Continue reading

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“The Last Girl To Die” by Helen Fields – Book Review

Sadie Levesque – A Canadian from Banff who has made it her life’s work to find missing teenagers. Her latest case takes her to the Scottish Isle of Mull where a teenage girl named Adriana Clark has vanished. After four … Continue reading

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“An Unfinished Story” by Boo Walker – Book Review

Claire Kite lost the love of her life in a tragic car accident. It has been three long years now that she has been grieving her husband David. A successful restaurateur, she lives for her work. At home she has … Continue reading

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