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“Get Well Soon” by Marie-Sabine Roger – Book Review

A few years ago I read a little novel called “Soft in the head“. It left such a positive impression that I just HAD to read another work by this talented author.  Once again, she has left me wanting more. … Continue reading

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“Beartown” by Fredrik Backman – Book Review

“In this story of a small forest town, Fredrik Backman has found the entire world.” It is official!  I can honestly say that Fredrik Backman is my favorite author.  I have now read everything he has written, and all have … Continue reading

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“Breaking light” by Karin Altenberg – Book Review

After reading the last page of this touching and tragic story, I view the wonderfully perfect cover as particularly poignant.  Two small boys, hand in hand… But let me tell you a bit about the story.  First we meet Gabriel, a … Continue reading

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A few quotes from mystery authors

“Experience is as effective a teacher as she is because one does tend to remember her lessons.” — Lawrence Block (as said by his character Bernie Rhodenbarr in “The Burglar in the Closet”.) “There is no detective in England equal … Continue reading

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“On Cats” ~ by Charles Bukowski – Book Review

Anyone expecting a ‘cutsie‘ book about cats will be taken aback.  This is a book of poems by the inimitable Bukowski – edgy and raw. I am not comfortable reviewing poetry.  I do not deem myself qualified to do so.  … Continue reading

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“Shadow” by Karin Alvtegen – Book Review

The single most positive aspect of this novel is the beautifully written prose. The words seem to speak directly to the reader in a heart-touching and sometimes heart-wrenching way. I’ll admit this is one of those novels where the cover … Continue reading

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Why do we read?

Whether a book makes you laugh or cry, it becomes indelibly a part of you. Once the words are read you can’t unread them. Think of all the things that the words and phrases within books have made you think … Continue reading

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Memorable lines

I keep a notebook with what I call ‘keepers‘. Keepers are lines from books that I am reading that stand out as profound (to me at least), or are memorable for other reasons. I am curious if other readers do … Continue reading

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