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Whimsy on Wednesday #WednesdaysWhimsy #bookbloggers #Fictionophile

I’m falling behind with my reading. Life events (it is my birthday week) and the constant distraction of the internet are partly to blame. Today I’m sharing some of the little things I’ve encountered online that struck a chord with … Continue reading

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International publishing – Book availability woes (again)

In May of 2020, I did a similar post but this issue continues to plague me. As a book blogger, I spend a LOT of time reading other people’s blogs and reviews, and perusing the internet for fodder for my … Continue reading

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The NetGalley Shelf app – Grrrrrrr #NetGalleyShelf #bookbloggers @NetGalley

I have been a NetGalley member since 2013. In that time I have read and reviewed 424 titles using my Kindle. Recently, I’ve come across two titles that did NOT have the option to ‘send to Kindle‘, so I had … Continue reading

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What a difference a cover makes – A reader’s discussion

Every once in a while, a circumstance causes me to pause and wonder… Do other readers feel the same way I do? Yesterday, I encountered just such a circumstance. I saw this book cover in one of my ‘Kindle Deals’ … Continue reading

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Want the old Classic WordPress editor back? Here’s how…

Well folks, I have to say that this morning was frustrating and traumatic for me. Any access to my old WP editor had vanished completely and I tried to write a book review. Anyone watching me would have laughed. I … Continue reading

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Ebook pricing: a discussion

For the past four to five years, I’ve read nothing but Ebooks.  Some 500+ ebooks have graced my Kindle Paperwhite in that time. Many of these digital books I receive from the publishers via NetGalley or Edelweiss, but I also … Continue reading

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Same book – Different title (a bookworm’s gripe) #BookTitles #bookworms #booklovers #readingcommunity

NOTE: Originally published in March of 2017, this post was last updated on January 24, 2021 My RANT continues… I take umbrage when publishers, in their infinite wisdom, decide to rename a book which already has a perfectly acceptable title. … Continue reading

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Goodreads ratings – use them? ignore them? are they valid? #discussionpost

I am a member of Goodreads. Not only am I a member, but I am also a Goodreads librarian.  I sometimes think that no one uses Goodreads more than I do as I’m on the site several times each day. … Continue reading

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My Life In Books 2020: a bookish game #MyLifeInBooks2020 #bookbloggers #booklovers

My Life in Books: a bookish game I saw this little game on Cathy’s book blog; Nicki‘s book blog; and Kelly‘s book blog. Thanks to Annabel who came up with the latest version. I’m always looking for different ways to … Continue reading

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It’s a sickness… #bookblogger #booklover #bookworm

Logged on to NetGalley to submit a review and I had 4 new approvals waiting for me and then I requested 2 new titles and I just…. So far this month I’ve already amassed eleven more review commitments. That troubles … Continue reading

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