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“When the Storm Ends” by Rebecca L. Marsh – Book Review

“…remember that everyone has difficulty in life sometimes, but it’s only when the storm ends that you can see a rainbow”. Sometimes you read a book and find that you are left feeling sort of… content. Content in knowing that … Continue reading

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“Who’s There?” by Kerena Swan – Book Review

I’ll briefly introduce a few of the principal characters for you: Arnold Eastwood – born with Downs Syndrome, he is trusting, vulnerable and in many ways an innocent. His favourite things to do are keeping things neat, watching Clint Eastwood … Continue reading

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“Bitter Orange” by Claire Fuller – Book Review

“Pain as well as joy makes us who we are.” Frances Jellico 1969 – nearing her fortieth birthday, she is socially inept and has never experienced love, or even a man’s attentions.  She left her place at Oxford to take … Continue reading

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“The Au Pair” by Emma Rous – Book Review

Seraphine Mayes – 2017 – Twenty-five years old and still reeling from the accidental death of her beloved father, Seraphine lives at Summerbourne. Her twin brother Danny travels a lot, and her older brother Edwin lives in town in the … Continue reading

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“The Forgotten Letters of Esther Durrant” by Kayte Nunn – Book Review

1951-52 – Esther Durrant has just lost her infant son. Blaming herself, and suffering from post-natal depression, she is despondent and lethargic. Her husband, at a loss as to what to do, sends her to one of the Isles of … Continue reading

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“A Coin for the Hangman” by Ralph Spurrier – Book Review

Ralph Spurrier – (yes,the author uses his own name as the bookseller in the novel), is an antiquarian bookseller who buys an entire collection of books from an estate sale. Within this collection he discovers not only the property of … Continue reading

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“Weycombe” by G.M. Malliet – Book Review

For the past nine months Jillian White has been out of work. Before this she worked as a videographer for the BBC. An American, she is married to a fault-finding man who has aristocratic roots.  Her marriage is spiraling down … Continue reading

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#FFRC2020 Reading Challenge progress as of April 18, 2020

This year I put myself out on a limb and created a reading challenge. Four other bloggers have decided to join me in #FFRC2020 Here are the eight criteria for the challenge: And here is MY progress so far – … Continue reading

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