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Twitter #hashtags for #Bookbloggers revisited

A while back I composed a post which gave some suggestions on which Twitter hashtags were the most useful for bookbloggers. What is a hashtag, and what are they used for? A hashtag is a label for content. It helps … Continue reading

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Twitter #Hashtags… Do you use them #Bookbloggers?

Much has been said about the use of hashtags over the past few years. As a relative Twitter/Social Media newbie, I have attempted to incorporate hashtags whenever appropriate. I do think they are valuable, especially for bloggers. As a former … Continue reading

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Blocked? Hurt and puzzled…

As many of you know, I follow a lot of book bloggers and try to Tweet their reviews in support of their efforts.  Today I tweeted a good review and then tried to ‘Follow’ this blogger on Twitter (I thought … Continue reading

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Who Is The Most Instagrammed Writer Of All Time?

Guest post and Infographic by Rebecca Armstrong It’s pretty clear that social media has taken over the world, with people constantly sharing updates about their lives, their interests, and hobbies. And those interests definitely include reading! Whilst we might think … Continue reading

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Fictionophile and Instagram… a learning curve

Well I finally joined the rest of the universe and signed up for Instagram.  I’m a very visual person and that factor, along with the persuasion of my children and other book bloggers made me finally gather up enough nerve … Continue reading

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Calling all Edelweiss Reviewers (updated Sept. 28, 2017)

I thought I’d write a short blog post today to raise awareness of this Goodreads group so that hopefully the group will have a more active and vibrant voice. Almost two years ago, I started a GoodReads group for Edelweiss … Continue reading

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Bibliophilia on Pinterest

Bibliophilia (noun): a great or excessive love of books ; also, an enthusiastic or extreme interest in collecting books.     Social media has had a huge impact on readers.  Some even spend precious reading time perusing their favorite social … Continue reading

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Amateur book reviews – my thoughts

Today an article by Peter Derk came to my attention, entitled “7 Things That Are Ruining Amateur Book Reviews.” Go read it and come back. You’re back?   Good. I want to start off by making the point, which has been … Continue reading

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“The hanging shed” by Gordon Ferris – Book Review

I work as a library cataloguer so see countless books everyday. So… it stands to reason that this is where I find the books I want to read next. Not this time. I belong to a social networking site called … Continue reading

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Social networking for book lovers

More and more people are jumping on the social network bandwagon. Readers are no exception. Social networking has developed its own niche for book enthusiasts. Similar to book discussion groups in that they give readers an opportunity to converse online … Continue reading

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