Mystery series to finish


There are just SO many great mystery series out there that it is often difficult to keep up with them all.  Over the years I’ve started a lot of series – meaning to follow them until the end – but…. I got sidetracked by other books, other series.  It is hard being a bookworm.


This series of blog posts highlights some of those mystery series that I really enjoyed starting, but have not followed up on.

Give them a try!  You might find a new favorite author.

Part 1 – Clare Fergusson and Russ Van Alstyne series by Julia Spencer-Fleming.

Part 2Jill Kennedy and Max Trentham mystery series by Shirley Wells.

Part 3Dr. David Hunter forensic mystery series by Simon Beckett

Part 4Nora Gavin and Cormac Maguire series by Erin Hart


Series that I have followed diligently and LOVED can be found under my series of blog posts entitled “Mystery Series to Savour“.