Review Policy/Ratings Explanation

I no longer accept physical books, only Kindle e-copies.

As of February 15th, 2022 I have 240 titles in my review queue, (193 of those from NetGalley and Edelweiss) which prohibits me from submitting reviews in a timely manner. For that reason I will no longer be accepting any more books for review until further notice.

I NEVER receive any monetary recompense for my reviews. My blog is a labor of love AND the books I review are ones I have chosen to read.

The ONLY titles I will review are those sent to me directly from a publisher/publicists, or titles from NetGalley or Edelweiss.

I DO NOT review fantasy, science fiction, steampunk, speculative fiction, non-fiction, memoirs, erotica, graphic novels, YA titles, children’s books, mixed anthologies, or poetry collections.

I prefer to review mystery or suspense fiction with psychological thrillers being my absolute favorites.  I will also review historical fiction, women’s fiction or literary fiction.

I’ve got so many books I’m trying to read and review, I can’t promise to get to any one book in a given time frame.  do not and cannot review every book I receive, and I can’t accept every review request.

The novels that I read are given to me in consideration of an honest review (the majority of which come from NetGalley and Edelweiss).

I began this blog as a way of sharing the books I read with others. Now retired from my full time library job, I can devote more of my free time to reading and reviewing. That being said, I am RETIRED and want to take a more relaxed approach to blogging.

All views are my own…

Fictionophile Blogger Award/Book Tag Policy

Like anyone, I relish any appreciation others might express for my blog.  It is a labor of love after all…  I am grateful for any and all attention my blog receives.

BUT, that being said I wish to state here and now that this blog does NOT participate in blogger awards, blog hops, or other tagging memes.

I have tried this type of venture previously and found that it was just too time consuming and took away from my reading and reviewing time.  I dislike the whole ‘chain letter’ aspect of the awards.  Also, I feel uncomfortable ‘tagging’ others to participate.

 Thanks anyway – but no thanks!


Fictionophile’s Rating System

Reading time that I treasured. Absolutely just the right book for me at the right time. A book I’d highly recommend.

Reading time well spent. I really enjoyed this book and would recommend it.

Reading time not begrudged.  This book had many good points, but it was not entirely to my taste. I would recommend this book with a few reservations.

Reading time wasted. This book was not to my taste and I would not recommend it.

Reading time I’ll never get back. I probably did not finish this book. Ugh!booksleaningbar