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Do YOU choose books by their covers?

I’m certain that most of you know by now that I really appreciate book cover art. What with my long standing ‘Cover Love‘ series of blog posts, and my ‘Wednesday’s Word‘ series, it would almost seem I’m crazy obsessed. That … Continue reading

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Has the Pandemic influenced the genres you read? #TuesdayBookBlog #bookbloggers #genres

The pandemic has affected us all in myriad ways. In addition to the illness itself it has changed how we all live our lives, work, interact with others, and conduct our day-to-day activities. But has it changed your reading habits? … Continue reading

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Books that would cause me to weaken…

In the valiant effort to catch up with my review commitments I have imposed a ‘Request Ban’ on myself.  I am not allowing myself to request ARCs with the abandon I did in earlier years.  It’s hard people – It’s … Continue reading

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May TBR: a plan

(you know what they say about plans…)       This is my second month of really planning out my reading. Last month was successful. I actually read all ten titles in my April TBR plan, plus another title that … Continue reading

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Obsessed with book covers – Yeah I know. (Jess Kidd novel)

Anyone who has followed this blog for any length of time will have come to realize that I am obsessed with book covers. I haven’t quite decided if it is a blessing or a curse. LOL A while back I … Continue reading

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Fictionophile’s major #TBR trim

Last year I wrote six posts that reflected my attempts to cull my TBR down a bit, to make it more reasonable, more manageable.  The sixth attempt left me with 1,848 titles remaining on my Goodreads TBR. With so many … Continue reading

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#TBR ten titles I covet – but don’t have yet

My TBR is LONG already, so why would I want MORE BOOKS?  Book bloggers can NEVER have enough books.  It is a sickness, a compulsion, a craving. I thought I’d share with you the TEN titles that I do NOT have … Continue reading

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Miserly Monday #5 (#Kindle ebook bargains)

  Another three bargain Kindle purchases this week. These books might vary in price from Amazon.ca to Amazon.com to Amazon.co.uk but they are all still BARGAINS!  Probably about what you would pay for a cup of coffee. NOTE: The price tags now reflect the U.S. and Canadian prices. … Continue reading

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Topics I can’t resist when choosing a book

I borrowed the idea for this post from fellow bookbloggers, Annie The Misstery, and Renee It’s Book Talk Today I want to tell you about certain themes/topics that I simply can’t resist when reading a blurb, and also those which … Continue reading

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Blogger vs. Reader – Books I REALLY want to read!

The above 10 novels are the books that I want to read right now! They are calling my name and their voices are very LOUD! The problem you ask? Well… NONE of these are on my ‘for review’ TBR – … Continue reading

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