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“The Lies We Hide” by S. E. Lynes – #BookReview @Bookouture #blogtour

Carol’s story is set mostly in the mid to late 1980s. Desperate, after a final, almost deadly attack from her husband Ted, Carol secrets her two children away and takes them to live in a shelter for abused families. This … Continue reading

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“The Woman in the Dark” by Vanessa Savage – Book Review

Sarah and Patrick are married and have two children, Joe who is seventeen and Mia who is fifteen. Since Sarah’s mother passed away, she is riddled with guilt and her emotional state is fragile. Now, she is told she tried … Continue reading

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“After the End” by Clare Mackintosh – Book Review

I’ve been a staunch fan of Clare Mackintosh’s work ever since reading the fantastic “I let you go” back in 2016. Such a fan that I will automatically read anything she writes. That being said, I would probably not have … Continue reading

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“Those People” by Louise Candlish – Book Review

A tranquil South London neighbourhood is mortally disrupted after “Those People” move in… You know what they say about one bad apple. Before Darren Booth moves in, Lowland Way is a tranquil and harmonious place to live. All that soon … Continue reading

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“A Mother’s Confession” by Kelly Rimmer – Book Review

The Tragedy – When we join the story, a thirty-seven year old man has recently died. David Wyatt Gillespie was charming, a successful businessman, an avid sportsman, was on the town council, and was married with an infant daughter. He … Continue reading

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“Seven Days of Us” by Francesca Hornak

Christmas is a family time. We all put a lot of pressure on ourselves in trying to live up to the traditional Christmas ideal. Most of us fall short.  Although we all love our families, we don’t always like them. … Continue reading

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“The Winter’s Child” by Cassandra Parkin – Book Review

Susannah and John Harper were very much in love and they longed for a child. When they couldn’t conceive, they decided to adopt. Joel, the infant they adopted, was born addicted to drugs. They brought him home on Midwinter’s Day, … Continue reading

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“Our House” by Louise Candlish – Book Review

Louise Candlish has taken domestic noir to new and disturbing heights! We have all, at one time or another, misplaced our wallets, or had them stolen. We can all relate to the period of panic that that type of experience … Continue reading

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“The Blackbird Season” by Kate Moretti

It is spring in a small Pennsylvania mill town.  Ten years ago the mill closed its doors for the final time. Since then, the town has suffered a dramatic economic decline. Nate Winters, the high school baseball coach is eager … Continue reading

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“After the lie” by Kerry Fisher – Book Review

Lydia Rushford’s normal, some would say idyllic, life is overshadowed by an event from her past.  She has moved from Norfolk to Surrey and is now married with two teenage children. She is a loving and somewhat overprotective mother to … Continue reading

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