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Reading fiction a waste of time?

If you have ever felt guilty about reading fiction when you (or your loved ones) think your time could be better spent – then vindication can be found in the blog of Anne Kreamer. Her article maintains that fiction-reading nourishes … Continue reading

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WHO reads mysteries?

Did you ever wonder just exactly WHO reads mysteries? I found a fascinating report compiled by Sisters in Crime that sheds some light on just WHO reads mysteries. On page 4 of this report you will find that they polled … Continue reading

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50 most influential books of the last 50 (or so) years

I know that the majority of the titles listed are not fiction, but for all those of you out there that are bibliophiles as well as fictionophiles this list should prove interesting. And there ARE some fiction titles listed… http://www.superscholar.org/features/50-most-influential-books-last-50-years/

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I confess. I am a die-hard book lover. The feel of a book in my hands is something I always felt was integral to the reading experience. I am also a book collector, and have over a thousand volumes on … Continue reading

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Social networking for book lovers

More and more people are jumping on the social network bandwagon. Readers are no exception. Social networking has developed its own niche for book enthusiasts. Similar to book discussion groups in that they give readers an opportunity to converse online … Continue reading

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Reasons to read. Feeling connected?

“I am a library slut,” admitted mystery author Lisa Scottoline. “That means I will go to any library that will have me,” to give thanks to librarians, who changed the direction of her life. Scottoline said libraries were “like hardware … Continue reading

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Memorable lines

I keep a notebook with what I call ‘keepers‘. Keepers are lines from books that I am reading that stand out as profound (to me at least), or are memorable for other reasons. I am curious if other readers do … Continue reading

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