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“Devil’s Day” by Andrew Michael Hurley – Book Review

In rural Lancashire, almost on the Yorkshire border, there is a place called the ‘Endlands”. A place where generations of the same families have eked out an existence from farming. An insular place riven with superstition and long-standing family feuds. … Continue reading

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“The Old Religion” by Martyn Waites – Book Review

Tom Killgannon was an undercover cop up North, but now he is living under witness protection in rural Cornwall. Tom Killgannon is not his real name. Now, he works in the bar of the Sail Makers, a small, family-owned pub. … Continue reading

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“The binding” by Bridget Collins – Book Review

The time is sometime in the far Anglo-Saxon past. An imaginary time when the annual winter holiday was called “The Turning” and  a time when books were forbidden. So deplorable that the average ‘good’ citizen would not have them in … Continue reading

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“The Hiding Place” by C.J. Tudor – Book Review

In the former colliery town of Arnhill in Nottinghamshire, a teacher brutally murders her son and then kills herself. “It is the sort of village that glowers at you when you arrive and spits on the ground in disgust as … Continue reading

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“The doll funeral” by Kate Hamer – Book Review

A well-written, though at times bleak novel, about a thirteen year-old girl who can ‘see‘ the dead. She sees many dead people, but the most constant presence is that of ‘Shadow’, a young boy who has made himself known to … Continue reading

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“Wylding Hall” by Elizabeth Hand

For those readers who are too young to have memories of the seventies “Wylding Hall” might read like a curiosity.  For readers like myself who was roughly the same age as the protagonists, the novel accurately captures the ‘feel’, music, … Continue reading

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